Jan 14, 2013

The swift

It's Taylor Swift's day..

Quite amazed with her talents on how creative she wrote lyrics about her ex-s.
Esp on Back on December..because it was about my 'bf'- taylor lautner..:p

But,i guess she has the same taste with me..sbb kan,all her exs seme yang aku taste gak..joe jonas,taylor lautner,jake gyllenhaal,harry styles..seme ni aku suke.

But,the best breakup song she ever wrote was 'never getting back together'..bukan best sbb aper,sbb that song hit the chart..n sure gyllenhaal tension gile dengar.at 1st thought the r'ship will last longer sbb cam ok jer..last2 broke up gak.

By the way,13 guys within 3 yrs. she is the real love hunter..u will find ur soulmate without you knowing..:)

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