Jan 17, 2012

HAPDET at 12.51PM

My current tones...

Hmm..pening..pening..currently,me n him are facing a kinda problem..which we called as BABYSITTER problem.

Current babysitter sakit lak..n she just only told me yesterday that she can't take care my baby anomore. With a short notice. :(..So,my brain currently aren't stop from thinking and working hard to find solution for this.

Pity my lil boy..:(. Nk hantar nursery,he still too small. We plan when he turn 3,we will send him to any kindy. But,currently he not yet 2, which is hard for us to find any nursery that accept. We found 1,but i am not that confident with that place. Well,we see how 1st..May Allah give the best for my family, and for my Qarliff Addean...:).Amin

Jan 16, 2012


Monday morning @ 16/2/2012

Pagi2 aku dh dengar lagu yg mengusik jiwa..amboih..hahahaha..

Reminiscing the Twilight. Taim ni aku x suke Jacob pn lagi..n xde feeling sgt kat Edward. So,kesimpulannye aku x suke sgt pn Twilight. Tapi,aku have fun read the book. The book was ohsem and maveles..And for the movie,i prefer the songs that feautured in it. The best damn selection.

Jan 11, 2012

Hapdet first 2012

Aku nk hapdet pasal kenduri sis inlaw aku,tp malas..

Aku ade buat bideo wedding derang..so,layan jela yer


Aku xtaula link atas ni leh bukak ke x,sbb aku hapdet gune tepon jer.sok bru aku check.malas melanda.

2012 aku wish...nk....


Xtau nk ape.hmmm