Jul 10, 2012


"No One Else Comes Close"

Jun 5, 2012


Somehow, this song make me smile this morning. Remind me on someone i guess...memories,they will never fade.=)

May 31, 2012

4th YEARS..

Todays the day my life begins.
All my life Ive been just me, just a smart mouth kid.
Today I become a man.
Today I become a husband.
Today I become accountable to someone other than myself.
Today I become accountable to you, to our future, to all the possibilities that our marriage has to offer, together, no matter what happens Ill be ready, for anything, for everything, to take of life, to take on love, to take on possibility and responsibility.
Today Izzie Stevens our life together begins and I for one cant wait.
-alexander michael karev-

Today the day of my wedding anny..4th year together.i found above speech is the best wedding speech until now.still the best fr 3 yrs..;).

May 28, 2012



ios 5.1.1 was launched. and the best part of it was they found the way to jailbreak it. Untethered ya'all... how ohsem is that?

- i'm AWESOME-

May 20, 2012


Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey...

They both were my favorite doctors in Seattle Grace Mercy "Death" hospital.  They both were my fav couple actually. A lot of favorite i mean..a lot..which mean,i want to see them more n more in Seattle Grace. But, wat happened last week, Shonda just screwed all Slexie's fan dream. I'm pissed off. Well,not only me i guess...dozens,bunches of people out there sure they are too.

It's hard to believe the ending. Some said they will stop watch GA. I did thought of doing that once.hahaha..sound  "tah hape2" i gues.. But,well...it's just the tv show. There's nothing real in it.

Hope,Mark still hang in there next season (since i read Shonda said there might b one more death). Because based on the cliffhanger jaw down finale,seems like Mark & Arizona's conditions are not so good. But,cross my finger i just hope Jerry the pilot will die.

Yes,SLEXIE were meant to be.

But, this remind me of my previous entry...:)....Just breath....

 I love you. It's like you're a disease.It' like i've been infected by Mark Sloan

Apr 18, 2012


My current drug:

The 2 boys drug:

Apr 5, 2012


F. L.I.C.K.R

I have one. Link as per below


Mar 30, 2012


Pagi ni..pagi jiwang..layan lagu indon jer..



Will try do it now..in progess-->>>>>

Mar 28, 2012


The old Grey's was so, so powerful.

I miss Izzie & Goerge too....

This is my personal favourite video on Youtube.
*bukan personal, yang bermaksud aku yg upload yer*

This is the only Tv shows that i wish won't have any ending. I want it to be aired every Thursday,every week.

Mar 20, 2012


Sangat suka bermain apps ni..And aku berjaya melukis pic Avril dengan cantiknyer...

Feb 24, 2012

Cough Syrup - Glee

Life too short..:)

Addicted this song..like the title.

Feb 6, 2012

terukir di bintang

"Jika engkau minta intan permata tak mungkin ku mampu
Tapi sayang kan ku capai bintang dari langit untukmu
Jika engkau minta satu dunia akan aku coba
Ku hanya mampu jadi milikmu pastikan kau bahagia..
Hati ini bukan milik ku lagi
Seribu tahun pun akan ku nanti
Jangan kau persoalkan siapa dihatiku
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu"

Feb 2, 2012

Another Love Song

Haaa...ade lagi lagu feveret aku..

311-Love Song.

Lagu ni diperkenalkan oleh Power Rangers.Bile aku dengar lagi ni (tgh dengar ni)..aku rase cm nk sengeh2 jer..teringat zaman cinta dulu..skrg pn bercinta gak,tp..dh upper level sikit. advance la katerkan..matured2 sikit cara bercintanyer..hahaha..

Keyla,baru tringat. Hari ni x sms "mama" (anak aku panggil daddy nyer mama) lagi..so,aku nk sms la ni..nk bgtau:

"U,jom makan dominos. I pay.."

Hahaha..cmfrm de ckp,

Alaaa...hr ni i ade meeting,balik lambat. Kite g beli foods dekat2 jela ek..haa,kan ade pasar malam hari ni.."

*Hari Khamis=hari meeting "mama". So,xleh g makan jauh2..sbb de balik taim bulan pn dh kuar..*

Feb 1, 2012


A nice song.he dedicated to me.:). Once i really8 crazy with this song..hahaha..i'm kinda type that love to express feeling thru songs..I will said direct to him "hey,that song..for u!"..straight to the point. But, he isn't. Contohnyer,he will sms me, "U,dengar x lagu ****?best kan?"..Then,the next day i heard that song is when he ask me to miscall him..he assign that songs as my ringtones..Guys,biaserla..don't expect them jadi cm Seth Tan dalam citer Nora Elena tu..haha..but,i love if he is Amir in Vanila Coklat..x perlu nk romantik2 selalu,i like those yg rough but sweet in diff ways..

But,the best song you ever gv to me is.. " 1st lady-never be replaced"

And the best song i think that suit you is ..."auburn-perfect two"



Few days away from deep,peace sleep. Worrying about something.Knowing the result make me "THANK YOU ALLAH"..:). About what? Something I won't share here. Enuff me,my mom,my sis and Power Rangers & some of my close frens je yg tau.. Ek leh,kalau xmo bgtau,watpe nk cer kat sini plak kan..hahaha.aku punyer sukela..tp,xde mende sgt pn sbnrnye.haha

But, one thing i know...we can live happily..

"Lagu ni remind me zaman kat UTM dulu"

"Lagu ni adalah lagu 1st aku belajar main gitar..:)..memory,memory"

Jan 17, 2012

HAPDET at 12.51PM

My current tones...

Hmm..pening..pening..currently,me n him are facing a kinda problem..which we called as BABYSITTER problem.

Current babysitter sakit lak..n she just only told me yesterday that she can't take care my baby anomore. With a short notice. :(..So,my brain currently aren't stop from thinking and working hard to find solution for this.

Pity my lil boy..:(. Nk hantar nursery,he still too small. We plan when he turn 3,we will send him to any kindy. But,currently he not yet 2, which is hard for us to find any nursery that accept. We found 1,but i am not that confident with that place. Well,we see how 1st..May Allah give the best for my family, and for my Qarliff Addean...:).Amin

Jan 16, 2012


Monday morning @ 16/2/2012

Pagi2 aku dh dengar lagu yg mengusik jiwa..amboih..hahahaha..

Reminiscing the Twilight. Taim ni aku x suke Jacob pn lagi..n xde feeling sgt kat Edward. So,kesimpulannye aku x suke sgt pn Twilight. Tapi,aku have fun read the book. The book was ohsem and maveles..And for the movie,i prefer the songs that feautured in it. The best damn selection.

Jan 11, 2012

Hapdet first 2012

Aku nk hapdet pasal kenduri sis inlaw aku,tp malas..

Aku ade buat bideo wedding derang..so,layan jela yer


Aku xtaula link atas ni leh bukak ke x,sbb aku hapdet gune tepon jer.sok bru aku check.malas melanda.

2012 aku wish...nk....


Xtau nk ape.hmmm