Dec 23, 2011


"kalau mimpi,biar sampai ke bintang"....


Tahun 2011 dah nk end,i hope 2012 will b better year fr me,him n nther lil him..& to all my famms too..insyaallah..

Azam tahun baru?as usual,i put none..sbb banyak sgt yg aku,kalau mimpi biar sampai ke bintang.kalau x sampai,sampai langit pun jadilaaa...;)

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Dec 14, 2011


I miss the's been a month without the show.i miss downloading the new episode each friday's been so ackward a week without it.

Well,i tried change the interest to glee.but still,it can't swap away the 'hardcore' thing tht grey's add on,those GAYah thingy really annoying n menggelikan.ya,all peoples know,this kind of people does exist.but,plis la..darren cris,plis jgn fonen sgt.the real u,damn hot.but,the glee blaine is suck!

Now dah 10pm..eyes getting heavier.its time to hv a sweet dream..

*b4 sleep,layan citer layan aku bukan tomboy..sangat best*

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Dec 12, 2011


Lagi few days n the countdown started...

This coming Saturday,adik Power Rangers nk kawen..yey,welcome to Roslan's famm..hehehe..;)

Hows the prep?i guess 90% dh ready.mmg relax gilerla in laws aku prepare segala..tenang tul.

Can't wait fr this coming,suda 2 anak en Roslan & puan nazaryah kawen...tinggal lagi 2 ja.lame lagi kot lagi 2 tu...

*gambar xde kene mengena*

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Dec 2, 2011


So, home now.supposed i am in Hat Yai now.

Qarliff,of kos la aku xkan leave him with tht condition.

Company trip cancelled for me.xperlaa,i've requested bali for next trip..hahaha..

So,tonite i can spent time with my boys..yeay!yup,deep inside im happy..i think qarliff mmg dun want me to go.since now he is getting better..anak manja mummy ni,mmg manja betul..

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Dec 1, 2011

2 DAYS 1 nite....

Sok aku ade trip to Hat trip.2 days 2 nite,aku x pernah sleep w"out my lovely qarliff beside me..this is 1st time..feeling tu,xtau nk ckp camne..lucky 1 nite jer.mst miss him badly..

But,frget not about my own king,sape lagi..power rangers la kan..he also will b missed.n that 1 for sure laa..nnt i will always calling u..;)

So,ok..i will miss both.if mummy dun go fr cmpany trip,will bring u guys too..xper nnt kite p same2 ek..mummy survey2 dulu tmpt best kat sane..hahaha

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Memecah subuh tu tajuk..alaa,cmfrm seme org leh bajet ape aku nk tulis selanjutnya ni.

Xde ape2 pn..just nk ckp breaking dawn buat aku,me myself n the very 1st time feel like love love sikit kt edward cullen ..sigh*

Jacob black ttp di hati yer..:)

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