Oct 25, 2010


He is...the only exception..

Everything is acceptable when it goes to this lil' boy..

Can't wait till he can walk,can talk..

But,hv to get ready to tripple berganda2 tired jaga this notty boy..

Tajuk dipilih sempena lagu Paramore...feeling2 sikit,yerla frust x leh tonton Paramore bru2 ni..bertabah jerla..redha.

Oct 12, 2010


Just now...bace wall post fren of mine..status halal susu kat M'sia ni.well,Q use Enfalac...aku search kat halal.gov.my..hareemm...xde dlm list..kaget gua kejap.xkan non halal kot..

Aku search Enfalac A+,Enfalac,Mead Johnson,Mediasure....seme 0 result..except adelaa satu,tp. bukan under Mead Johnson..but,Kerry.

Pasrah jerla..Q pn suke susu ni jer.


Gigi atas saye....Macam ex bes fren saye x?Spongebob...hehehhehe

Oct 7, 2010

Mohamad Qarliff Addean b Mohd Tasnim

His 1st day.
Born 22/March/2010

Less than 1 month old..hair still long.My sis said Q looks like Aril AF7 in this pic.Aperkah??

On his 1 month old b'day..botak..x comel pn gmbr ni..hahahah..

2 months old.Mummy baru lps confinement..this time he was the gud baby in the earth..senang nk jage...makan tido makan tido..noice..i loike!~but,it was back then...

Still 2 months ++...1st day he tried sit in car seat.1st time sent him to baby sitter..he was bein gud in the car seat tho fr first 5 mins only...:)

3 months.Was introduced to his "ex"-bestfren, Mr Spongebob..very close until the end of Mr Spongebob's life..Q need him badly when its sleeping time.Bestfren died due to all 'isi' dalam came out critically..So,terpaksa buang dlm tong sampah.

4 months old.His true perangai came out this average of time. From..so so good mumy & dady's son...dah jadi..monster of the house!~

Still at 4 months.His 2 teeth dh tumbuh.Had fever few days before..nk tumbuh gigi rupenyer...

On his 5th months old day.Demam this time..Because of the jab on that day.Tapi,still "buas".So so active..he dun like people keep holding him all the time.Gud boy...keep membuas yer..

Raya's time...he shuld be 5 months++ by this..Sometimes he become uncontrolled.Make mummy scold2 you a lot..But,after you kena scold..u gv mummy big smile..terus mummy x jadi scold.

Taken last Monday....6 months old.Muke pn dh byk calar balar..kepala pn duk lebam sane sini..sangat2 active...

Mummy rase,anak mummy ni makin lame makin hensem..hahahahaha...:)

Abang Q....

Good news....my sis expecting baby....BOY!.Well,the best thing is on next year March...Q dpt fren baru..nnt Q baik2 ngan Baby R tau..(She plan to put her baby's initial name started frm R).nnt jadi kawan "kacip" cam Pokwe ngan Pok Mere.

Hope the baby won't come out before the EDD..so,he will share the birthday month with Q.March baby...later,celebr8 together.yeayyy..And officially later i will become Maklong.Seriously,i can't wait to be Mak Long for the 1st time.

Ok,Mohamad Qarliff Addean..jgn notty2..If later baby R dtg from Aussie,b a very2 gud brother tau..
Abang Q dh ade 4 gigi...gigi atas dh mcm spongebob dah...jarang giler..hehehe..xper,asal maintain hensem!~