Sep 21, 2010

RAYA 2010

This year..aku raye umah parents aku kt Jitra...sbb Kak Ngah balik,aku pn balik Jitra la..kang aku balik SP kang,parents aku time raye xde sape plak kat umah..

As usual our famm mmg celebr8 raya so as simple as we are...mmg the best!~...sbb aku x rase cm rimas2, nk kene pakai baju kurung,etc...1st day raya..aku duk umah,tgk tv..but,malam tu me & P.Rangers kluar,yg paling aku happy superb tripple..bile Q dpt duit raye from tok & wan de...hehehe..mummy & daddy siap angkat2 kening tgk the amount...hahahaha..

2nd day,Kak Ngah,that nite we all main mercun..but,still same..we all just biaser2 je..yerla we ols kan small famm,so..mcm tu jerla raye kitrg..n i love it.Maybe because i was trained to grow up in small,i was not so comfy with big numbers of people surround me..lucky,P.Rangers..adik badik de pn 4 org je..that also quite a lot fr me...

3rd day...time to balik SP..same gak celebr8ion sane...hehe..kitrg2 je pun yg raye..xde beza ngan hari2 biaser...thats y i love my fammly...we all mmg simple..but.....terbaik!!~

Well,raya still go on...n Q still collecting his 'angpau'...plan to open ASD & SSPN fr him..but,ASD tak boleh lagi plak..x ckup umo..kena 6 bulan..kenela tunggu jap... gmbr2 raye..Ekceli,sape2 yg dh add aku kat fb...dh tgk dh pn pics2 ni...saje je nk upload..kalau en3 xde pics..x syok plak kan...btw,Q nnt nk dapat kazen baru...can't wait fr next year March...hope the new baby pun will born on March..same ngan Q...hehehe

My Parents..En Azemi & Puan Hanim

Newly wed-Iwe & Kak Ngah..And soon to b parents...

If u notty...i'll shoot you...

My mom with the boys in the house

Baby Eeyore pakai songkok Qarliff..sbb Qarliff x muat

And finally...

Our small family portrait....:)

Sep 8, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya to all..Maaf Zahir Batin yer...!~

Hari Raya..means, the devil will come back..muahahahaah!~

Sep 7, 2010


Now...m working hard to bck on track..few episodes been missed. And i'm catching!~
Since all new season is coming sooon tis Sept end..

-At 1st,i thought i wana leave this tv series since the juice is nt there...nt because Leyton left the casts.Its because..i dun feel like wana watch it.But,i can't help myself from being OTH die hard fan..end up I can't stop each time watch it. Read review they are goin to end off this tv series soon,after few episodes on Season 8 which i read will include Leyton back..which is yacksss fr me..double yackss since I hate that couple who are annoying me..agree,i stop watch OTH after they both back together...but,its gud there'll b no more OTH after this,tired of watching on off thingy there.

-M watching it now..season 6..i dun download any.I dun bought any dvd...i just watched streaming..Why streaming only?To "jimat" a bit time..since time is running out...hehehe..So,i can watch + fesbuking + so working at ofis. I never failed to watch any episode of this series. In fact,i do follow up and watch at 8tv every Tuesd..The ending fr this season was cliffhanger..which was the biggest question marks still remain..

-I missed this season 6 fr almost 90%...the next thing i knew,the season ended last few months..oh my gad..totally not so me..well,last weekend i spend almost my whole day catching back wat were left..still,the best tv series fr me...each episode cant even make me moved from in front of my tv..but,they fired Izie???!~ wat the heck...u guys going nut?That blond bimbo and her love stories with Alex is the reason why i m eager to watch season 6..

Currently,everyday after Iftar i will on my dvd player and watch OTH season 7 1 epi and cont with Greys Anatomy Season 6 1 epi..U go kosaifrik's..!~

Sep 1, 2010


Kesian anak mummy ni..demam plak..after 5 mos' jab on Saturday,the next day tu Qarliff demam plak...punyerla manje..ehek2..hehehe...

Tapi,kdg2 de sihat sikit...time de dh x demam tu active cam,seb baik de nk minum susu & makan cm biaser..alhamdulilah...xdela risau bertambah2..

De demam malam2 je..siang2 de ok...Mummy & daddy jage Qarliff gilir2 yer...

Pray my handsome boy ni cepat2 baik...nnt leh beli toys lagi..Qarliff nk ape?nk laptop?mintak kat daddy...hehehe

Muke sedey