Dec 22, 2010


His voice changed...

i love it still.

Dec 1, 2010


Found out this contest from Hana. So,aku pn try my luck la..

Antara syarat-syarat de:

1) Jadi Follower-Done
2) Link Blog contest--> Click Here
3)Must put banner contest on the side bar blog-Done
3)Details of the baby with the pic; as per below

- Nama penuh : Mohamad Qarliff Addean

- D.O.B dan umur : 22/Mar/2010 ( 8 months)

- Hobby bayi/kanak-kanak tersebut : Tgk tv & "drive kete"

- Berapa batang giginye yang dah ada sekarang : 4 batang

Nov 10, 2010


My current addiction..

Muler2 nk tunggu Iphone 4 kat maxis..but,wth...3 months on waiting list..2 maxis center aku,sampai skrg tader calling2 suh amek phone pun.hati mmg dh tergedik2 nk,aku beli abang I phone 4 jer..pas2,menten plan maxis skrg.

Muler2..nk berjinak tu...bukan aper...sbb jeles tgk Power Rangers ber beri2...selalu gak,aku pnjam phone de..kekonon nk try blackbery la..sbb nk beli same..mmg dh target nk beli,in the mean time..aku survey2..aku google..comparisonbb vs iphone.. last2 aku decide,aku buat aku nk kawan2 ngan apple buah bery,aku buah apple...hehehe..

Aper2 pun,thanks to kawan aku..Sapwan Rahim,sbb x benti2 promot suh beli i pon ni..segala apps yg ko ckp,aku dh dlod..skrg phone aku ade SBSettings dah...hehehe..

Phone ni serius best..gudbye to those Nokia,SE,or wat so ever..once u enter in Apple world,forever u will stuck..dulu aku pakai N97 n 5800 yg touch screen gak..jauh beza cm langit & bumi de nye smooth touch screen ngan iphone ni..tarak nk hang2..betul Wan,nk type time drve pn tader hal..

Ehehe...xtau nape aku bleh tulis pasal bende ni plak kat blog..maybe sbb aku nk prmote kot..Yes,once u r Apple customer or Apple's gadget owner..unofficially u will be their cust service & sales promoter..dulu2,aku gelakkan org ckp cam2..but,'s happening to me..

Oct 25, 2010


He is...the only exception..

Everything is acceptable when it goes to this lil' boy..

Can't wait till he can walk,can talk..

But,hv to get ready to tripple berganda2 tired jaga this notty boy..

Tajuk dipilih sempena lagu Paramore...feeling2 sikit,yerla frust x leh tonton Paramore bru2 ni..bertabah jerla..redha.

Oct 12, 2010


Just now...bace wall post fren of mine..status halal susu kat M'sia ni.well,Q use Enfalac...aku search kat dlm list..kaget gua kejap.xkan non halal kot..

Aku search Enfalac A+,Enfalac,Mead Johnson,Mediasure....seme 0 result..except adelaa satu,tp. bukan under Mead Johnson..but,Kerry.

Pasrah jerla..Q pn suke susu ni jer.


Gigi atas saye....Macam ex bes fren saye x?Spongebob...hehehhehe

Oct 7, 2010

Mohamad Qarliff Addean b Mohd Tasnim

His 1st day.
Born 22/March/2010

Less than 1 month still long.My sis said Q looks like Aril AF7 in this pic.Aperkah??

On his 1 month old b'day..botak..x comel pn gmbr ni..hahahah..

2 months old.Mummy baru lps confinement..this time he was the gud baby in the earth..senang nk jage...makan tido makan tido..noice..i loike!~but,it was back then...

Still 2 months ++...1st day he tried sit in car seat.1st time sent him to baby sitter..he was bein gud in the car seat tho fr first 5 mins only...:)

3 months.Was introduced to his "ex"-bestfren, Mr Spongebob..very close until the end of Mr Spongebob's life..Q need him badly when its sleeping time.Bestfren died due to all 'isi' dalam came out critically..So,terpaksa buang dlm tong sampah.

4 months old.His true perangai came out this average of time. so good mumy & dady's son...dah of the house!~

Still at 4 months.His 2 teeth dh tumbuh.Had fever few days before..nk tumbuh gigi rupenyer...

On his 5th months old day.Demam this time..Because of the jab on that day.Tapi,still "buas".So so active..he dun like people keep holding him all the time.Gud boy...keep membuas yer..

Raya's time...he shuld be 5 months++ by this..Sometimes he become uncontrolled.Make mummy scold2 you a lot..But,after you kena scold..u gv mummy big smile..terus mummy x jadi scold.

Taken last Monday....6 months old.Muke pn dh byk calar balar..kepala pn duk lebam sane sini..sangat2 active...

Mummy rase,anak mummy ni makin lame makin hensem..hahahahaha...:)

Abang Q....

Good sis expecting baby....BOY!.Well,the best thing is on next year March...Q dpt fren baru..nnt Q baik2 ngan Baby R tau..(She plan to put her baby's initial name started frm R).nnt jadi kawan "kacip" cam Pokwe ngan Pok Mere.

Hope the baby won't come out before the,he will share the birthday month with Q.March baby...later,celebr8 together.yeayyy..And officially later i will become Maklong.Seriously,i can't wait to be Mak Long for the 1st time.

Ok,Mohamad Qarliff Addean..jgn notty2..If later baby R dtg from Aussie,b a very2 gud brother tau..
Abang Q dh ade 4 gigi...gigi atas dh mcm spongebob dah...jarang giler..hehehe..xper,asal maintain hensem!~

Sep 21, 2010

RAYA 2010

This year..aku raye umah parents aku kt Jitra...sbb Kak Ngah balik,aku pn balik Jitra la..kang aku balik SP kang,parents aku time raye xde sape plak kat umah..

As usual our famm mmg celebr8 raya so as simple as we are...mmg the best!~...sbb aku x rase cm rimas2, nk kene pakai baju kurung,etc...1st day raya..aku duk umah,tgk tv..but,malam tu me & P.Rangers kluar,yg paling aku happy superb tripple..bile Q dpt duit raye from tok & wan de...hehehe..mummy & daddy siap angkat2 kening tgk the amount...hahahaha..

2nd day,Kak Ngah,that nite we all main mercun..but,still same..we all just biaser2 je..yerla we ols kan small famm,so..mcm tu jerla raye kitrg..n i love it.Maybe because i was trained to grow up in small,i was not so comfy with big numbers of people surround me..lucky,P.Rangers..adik badik de pn 4 org je..that also quite a lot fr me...

3rd day...time to balik SP..same gak celebr8ion sane...hehe..kitrg2 je pun yg raye..xde beza ngan hari2 biaser...thats y i love my fammly...we all mmg simple..but.....terbaik!!~

Well,raya still go on...n Q still collecting his 'angpau'...plan to open ASD & SSPN fr him..but,ASD tak boleh lagi plak..x ckup umo..kena 6 bulan..kenela tunggu jap... gmbr2 raye..Ekceli,sape2 yg dh add aku kat fb...dh tgk dh pn pics2 ni...saje je nk upload..kalau en3 xde pics..x syok plak kan...btw,Q nnt nk dapat kazen baru...can't wait fr next year March...hope the new baby pun will born on March..same ngan Q...hehehe

My Parents..En Azemi & Puan Hanim

Newly wed-Iwe & Kak Ngah..And soon to b parents...

If u notty...i'll shoot you...

My mom with the boys in the house

Baby Eeyore pakai songkok Qarliff..sbb Qarliff x muat

And finally...

Our small family portrait....:)

Sep 8, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya to all..Maaf Zahir Batin yer...!~

Hari Raya..means, the devil will come back..muahahahaah!~

Sep 7, 2010


Now...m working hard to bck on track..few episodes been missed. And i'm catching!~
Since all new season is coming sooon tis Sept end..

-At 1st,i thought i wana leave this tv series since the juice is nt there...nt because Leyton left the casts.Its because..i dun feel like wana watch it.But,i can't help myself from being OTH die hard fan..end up I can't stop each time watch it. Read review they are goin to end off this tv series soon,after few episodes on Season 8 which i read will include Leyton back..which is yacksss fr me..double yackss since I hate that couple who are annoying me..agree,i stop watch OTH after they both back together...but,its gud there'll b no more OTH after this,tired of watching on off thingy there.

-M watching it now..season 6..i dun download any.I dun bought any dvd...i just watched streaming..Why streaming only?To "jimat" a bit time..since time is running out...hehehe..So,i can watch + fesbuking + so working at ofis. I never failed to watch any episode of this series. In fact,i do follow up and watch at 8tv every Tuesd..The ending fr this season was cliffhanger..which was the biggest question marks still remain..

-I missed this season 6 fr almost 90%...the next thing i knew,the season ended last few months..oh my gad..totally not so me..well,last weekend i spend almost my whole day catching back wat were left..still,the best tv series fr me...each episode cant even make me moved from in front of my tv..but,they fired Izie???!~ wat the heck...u guys going nut?That blond bimbo and her love stories with Alex is the reason why i m eager to watch season 6..

Currently,everyday after Iftar i will on my dvd player and watch OTH season 7 1 epi and cont with Greys Anatomy Season 6 1 epi..U go kosaifrik's..!~

Sep 1, 2010


Kesian anak mummy ni..demam plak..after 5 mos' jab on Saturday,the next day tu Qarliff demam plak...punyerla manje..ehek2..hehehe...

Tapi,kdg2 de sihat sikit...time de dh x demam tu active cam,seb baik de nk minum susu & makan cm biaser..alhamdulilah...xdela risau bertambah2..

De demam malam2 je..siang2 de ok...Mummy & daddy jage Qarliff gilir2 yer...

Pray my handsome boy ni cepat2 baik...nnt leh beli toys lagi..Qarliff nk ape?nk laptop?mintak kat daddy...hehehe

Muke sedey

Aug 24, 2010


So OBSESSED with this song now..

But..."we can dance until we die"....

Mungkin tidak kot....ermm..giler...xkn nk shuffle smpi mati.

Aug 23, 2010


Minggu lepas aku tgk MTV World Stage..


Full stop..

Aug 20, 2010


Layan lagu lagi yer kawan2,adik2,kakak2,abang2..........

Kenapa lagu ni plak??Sebab..sebab...

Sebab aku sukelaa..dlm kete,kalau ade lagu ni..aku mmg over..teringat part Encik Bieber menari dengan gemalainyer...make aku rase cm nk,kesimpulanye...disebabkan dlm kete..aku x mampu la nk,sempat gakla buat gayer2 tangan..sambil2 tu...Q kat sebelah kusyuk perati mummy de...sambil tersenyum2..sorry Q,mummy mmg suke,de senyum2..maksudnyer de sukerla tu.nnt mummy buat lagi yer..

Nnt Q jadi cam Mr Bieber ni tau..tau..tau..hahahha..ade ker suh anak jadi artis..


Aku browse jap Youtube pagi ni..tetibe aku tringat kat group 98 deg...Layan lagu ni jap..I like..kalau boleh like kat cni..dah lame aku click like

Actually,bukan group ni or lagu ni yg attract aku,lagu ni bawak aku back on years 1998-1999..those 2 years was my fav years among 28 years i live.Seriously...time tu aku frm 4 & form 5..bein with the gojes & best frens,also classmates...n how all the boy band menjadi kegilaan suka ramai..termasukla kami..bagaimana histeria nya kami bile dengar BSB nk dtg M'sia...

4 & 5 Fajar...Semerbak (Sek Men Seri Gombak)..98-99....the best class ever!~

mane aku?yg hodoh2 tu akulaaa..sila abaikan yer kepoyoan & kehitaman aku..

Aku rindu mereka2 di atas...ketua darjah aku,Fitri (sebelah cikgu) dh kurus gile skrg...yg xleh blah de jadi dancer...hahahah...penolong tu,kawan terbaik aku pn act poyo gak..kater geng Dead Butterflies kan...ingt lagi cikgu BM aku ckp,geng2 kupu2 malam gam*ang,finally..we'olls SPM 4 org scorer gak kan?heheh..

Mostly all dh kawen...or else planning nk kawen..seme dh ade fammly.Bak kater Apex,pasni kite buat famm gathering plak la..instead of reunion cm biaser..:D..& we've losted Theresa..due to brain cancer.Mane Theresa?tu..the only chinese in my class...she is the genius one..mmg top scorer abes2 an laaa

Nak tau mane satu geng aku??kalau dpt tau aku yg mane..3 in a row yg poyo2 tu kitrg laa..yg kepala senget2 bagai..n then,add nther poyo kat bawah..tepi cikgu..

Bile kire2 balik,dh lame gile aku x g sekolah..hahaha...maksdnyer ape??wah wah wah..aku suda tua??ya.ya..ya. i am...tisk!~

Aug 9, 2010



Aku rindu time Q baru lahir.time de tido setiap mase..time de tersangaaattla comel & putih..

Sekarang pn comel,xde'pure' dan se'naive' dulu...Rindu gak dengan cries tone de yg slow2 je nice baby he is before...skrg??he still gud baby boy...but,nangis de lebey to mengader2...nk mintak perhatian..suruh aku dukung..suruh aku main dengan tears..just mengader2...lps main or lepas kene dukung...terus sengih2..akal besar tul mamat ni..

Gigi pn dh ade dua batang..dh bsar dh ek anak mummy daddy ni? baru 4 bulan je ker?tp..nape perangai kalah budak 4 tahun....

*Q bersama 2 gigi nya.*
* Q dlm stroller..kaki pn dh terkeluar2 dah.boring..*

Aug 3, 2010


Last weekend,he was so attached to me..duno 1st thought because of bfeed..but,the way he attached was so nt like normal..each time he saw me..he will cry..n keep saying "mamama.."..i duno wheter he was calling me or wat..but,i assumed it was mama...haha..though i am mummy...hehe

Balik kampung..previously...he will get excited when lots of people around to play.But this time,nope..bile org angkat,at 1st he'll b few sec he will glanced at me..n start to cry..waving to me to pick him...

Then,my SIL said.."addean dh ade gigi la.."we ols way!.still young wat..just turned 4 mos..then,my nanny in law said..."bukan kot..gusi dia tu.."

On the way back seat..i was playing with him..he was so happy when i cuddled him all the time..laughing non stop when i play "tummy time" (his fav)...then,he start to suck my finge..n i felt like he's biting my finger.....izit?double check to is..his below tooth,middle one is coming out...dah tumbuh gigi bawah dah..but,m not sure..1 or 2 teeth coming out.But,obviously 1 is there...patutla sakit bile kene gigit...adehh..n no byk air liur keluar..& also he keep playing with his,now he keep biting his fav penguin teether..hehe

Btw,last weekend supposed to get him the piano...but,turned up..out of stock..spent about 1 hour at toys deprt with Q and Power Rangers..thinking wat to buy...hahah..end up..beli yg tarik tali.kuar music2 bg de tido..effective gak bende tu..few times tested,bile dengar music tu..dlm few minutes...q tido dengan lena...heheheh

Jul 28, 2010

4 bulan sudah...

Mr Q sudah 4 bulan...huhu..dh besar dh anak mummy ni...n dh pandai dah nk buat perangai...sampai mummy & daddy pn pening kepala..

*Drpd umah we ols unsubscribe Cartoon Channel,kene subscribe balik...simce Q suke tgk cartoon.

*Drpd xde toys...tetibe berlambak gile toys..sbb nk bg Q main toys...xnak kacau mummy masak kat dapur.

*Drpd play pen elok2 dlm bilik,terus kene letak kt luar..sbb ini budak xleh duk sorg2...asyik nk menjerit je kalau kene tinggal

*Drpd badge keje mummy elok2 je condition...tali de dh putus plak Q ni jahanamkan.tarik sampai putus

*Drpd,my hair was so nice all the time...skrg,ttbe byk plak gugur..since he love to 'sembur'..arghhh!

Ermm...nnt weekend ni rasenye nk beli kat de mainan baru lagi.Q ni,kalau g mane2 shopping complex..g kat part toys.cmfrm jadi tergedik2...nk pegang2 segala toys..pening..pening..nnti dh besar xtaula Mr PRangers ckp,nnti mesti de nangis2 xnak balik umah nk beli toys...huhu..dun b like that,Mr Q...b gud boy tau..bru boleh beli toys best2 lagi.

This coming Fri aku cuti..department aku ade course pebende ntah "Who Moved my Cheese"..required us to read book...aku bawak balik buku tu seminggu +...end up,x bace pun..bukak 1st page...then,terus,conclusionnye...aku apply cuti Jumaat ni..n it was appproved..double happy!!~

So,plan nk kuar ngan PRanger n baby Q...nk belikan de...

Hari tu tgk kat carefour...rm50 jer..last week nk grab,tunggu gaji..hahaha..susu kamu sebulan pn dh 4 tin beso yer encik Qarliff..(divide 2 laa..2 dekat umah,2 kat umah baby sitter)...

Jul 23, 2010


Oooomigod..Ooomigod...1st time i saw this video i was like erk..this song also gt fr Haiti?Wondering how special the Haiti is...but,bla bla bla..put that aside...

Tengok lagi & lagi..then,terpause (||) jap...bile on 41sec kenal jer minah sempoi..rewind balik<<|.. eh,eh..mmg kenal la...pause jap...lor,mmg kenal pun..bestfren aku rupenyer... lame x jumpe ko weh..rindu aku..ingt x dulu2,kite selalu lepak2 same...malam2 kite siap baling bantal sampai kuar kekabu..alaa,cm yg dlm tv2 tu...makan same2..share2 makanan..bukan lesbian ye,disebabkan kekangan RM ketika tu..kenela share2 kan...takper2,aku kumpul duit ni..nnti aku g visit ko kat sane...ko dh dtg sini,hr tu aku x sempat datang..sbb bulan puase ker ape ntah..aku bizi sikit..buat kuih.Teruskan lagi video lagi..|>..since dh terover teruja kan...wah wah,nmpak lagi satu wajah yg boleh meluruhkan hati..bekas kekasih hatiku rupenyer...rindu awaklaa..nape lame sgt senyap ni..saye hampir luper2 kat awak dh,xperlaa,saye ingt lagi awak ckp..awak nk duduk diam2 selama beberapa tahun..tunggu saye masuk meminang ek?tak bolehla wak,saye dh kawen..dh ade anak 1 dh pun...

Keyla.aku nk g teambuilding ni..nk kene jalan2 plak aku maleh ade temabuilding ni.kene byk jalan plak..bosan aku rase...dahla panas,.keylaa off dulu..

*sumber video adalah dr : SINI

Jul 6, 2010


44 hours without her in M'sia....still cant denied that I am in missing her mood and badly sad of this.

Current mode-Sad...
*Keep thinking, sad like hell..sure my mom will triplet or more sad*

1st mission
*Nak balik UUM selalu..nk visit mak n abah selalu.make 'em forget bout this emptiness*

2nd mission
*Nak g Melbourne*

Will skype her if can everyday..

....Q rindu Moksu byk8....

We'll hang on there......

Jul 5, 2010

KAK NGAH....:'(

Seriously..gudbye is the last thing 4 me....yest,my sis flied to Melbourne to do her PHD...4 years she and Iwe will be there...

The moment she waived her hand to say gudbye fr the last time is the time when i realized that losing her in a day of my life a unbearable thing....How could i spend a day w'out her here...For this 28 years,this is the 1st time she will b away from me...

She is the one & ONLY sis i have...OMG,i wish & i hope will see her soon..maybe I'm in sad mood because she just flied yesterday...but,fr sure i will miss her everyday...miss to hear her voice,miss to hear she called "Q........"..miss shopping with her...everything here remind me of her..everything & everywhere..even tgk baju Q pn it can make me burst to tears....ya,my sis suke bg baju kat Q..

Xper kak ngah...nnti kak long dtg sane ek...Abah ckp semalam,tunggu bile Q besar sikit...nnt kitrg g.tunggu kitrg kat sane tau..

Btw...kak long sayang kak ngah sangat2...sangat8..kak ngah is the best sis,the best fren of mine...forever...jangan luper kitrg kat sini..nnti kite skype2 ek...

Aduuu...sedih balik plak ni..:'(..pasni,xleh tgk Eclipse ngan kak ngah...xleh tunggu kak ngah dtg umah kak long lagi..tido umah kak long...n bile kitrg balik UUM,xde sape nk teman kitrg g jalan2..aduiii...seriously without u here,my life will be totally change..

One thing,for sure..kak long akan make sure Q kenal kak ngah...n he will know n remembered u r the best aunt he ever have....