Dec 30, 2009


Today (30/12/2009)...only 1 more day 2010.A new number.

Resolution?What's mine? & What's yours??
Can i ask back..

"Should i have one?"

Well,i dun have any i guess..i just follow the flow..if GOD give me the thing,it will be..but,wat thing??I i said..i m just the follower..follow whatever GOD give.Sound like L.O.S.E.R i care?

I just hope 2010 will bring me better days,better life,better $ and better in e'thing..

2009 was such a gr8 year..n it walked away so fast. Still feel like early of '09.Can't believe I still have 2 more days...which less than 48 hours to write "the date today is XX/XX/2009".

Wish all HAPPY NEW YEAR..2010,a year which I cant wait too...because I can't wait to cuddle this little boy....

* Kene marah ngan Power Rangers..sbb bg gmbr ni kene air mase nk scan to mistake pn...*

Dec 28, 2009


Last weekend,actually...yest (27.12.09)went to 3d/4d,it's cmfrm 100% baby boy..

Last Friday,on X'mas day (25.12.09)...spent whole morning watched channel E!..Kimora tv show..suddenly,gt a feeling..i want a baby gal..want to dress her,want to make up her..eiwww,so cute...comelnyer!~..I told PRangers,i want baby gal fr 2nd baby..when??nt yet in plan...yg 1st pn x kuar lagi..hahaha

But,the Dr.told's 100% baby,nther next < >3 months, Encik Q akan'allah..

It's a baby we all sure?On pic above...there's a scrotum part..where's the part?malas aku nk tag the part..pandai2 sendrila carik...

Dec 21, 2009


Maybe it's true....

That I can't live without you..
And maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one...

Tomm is si Gemuk's b'day..he's goin 2 be 25th...baru 25 pun..ehehe.

0 plan wat to do..already gv the gift...& already listed down wat i want fr my next year b'day...ahaha...even still gt 5 more months to go..

Still remember last time,i sms him..

Me : U nk ape besday nnti?
Him : Tanak aper2..
Me : Xleh..kene ade gak..nnti,besday i pn kene bg gak hadiah..
Him : Erm...i nk hadiah..u & baby...:).

** Me speechless **

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes
The way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing

....2 is better than one.....

Dec 17, 2009


Inilaa...yg dinamakan super duper comel...i can say that she is the cutest kid ever born..

Dec 11, 2009

Kecik Pendek..

Still remember..last few days,Thursday nite..when im watching Upin & Q was moving non stop..i can see my stomach moving..n sometimes,i duno kepala or kaki de kejap kt atas..kejap kt bawah..sometimes,he kicked me so hard..sakitla sikit2 ...n more to uncomfy feelingsla..sbb time tu,aku dh start ngantok2..Tgk Upin & Ipin..wat do u expect..goin to gv full attention?Aku tgk Power Rangers nye rambut pn dh serabut dh..sbb ngantuk..aku lagi ler.But,i just cant sleep..mmg lately,he always move bile time activela he..

Then,i mengadu kat's moving so much..until I can't sleep..tht time dh pukul dah..sok nk keje lagi..haizz...then,I said to him.."u tolong la ckp kat baby suh de tido.."..
You know wat he said then..?Here wat he said (his hand on my stomach)..

"Baby tido laa..jangan kacau budak kecik ni...nnti de marah"

Muler2..i was like...WTH!~Tapi when i told Masuri bout this,she said..eee,comel laa...hehe..tht time,bru i realised how cute it was..haha..

Ya,he always called me Budak Kecik Pendek..wat a name..macamla de besar sgt...i used to call him Gemuk Pendek plak..

Last week,i was about to fetch my sis from her IELTS exam..n she was waiting fr us under a tree. From far,i saw her..n i told PRangers..

"Haa..tu kak ngah tu..kt bawah pokok tu..duk kecik pendek jer tunggu bawah pokok".

N then,he was laughing like wat only...because he know,i dun like him calling me kecik,i gt a chance to call my sis kecik pendek pulak..ehehe..but,it was cute..kecik pendek..but,cute...hey,i'm nt that pendek hoccay...154cm...ya,can consider short too.:P..

This weekend i just finished 80% shopping baby Q thingy..thank GOD it's YES (year end sales) time....We were about to buy stroller..mmg sgt2 cheap hoccay..but,we decided nt to..cuz,we think it's too early..later la..

When u out,better b gud boy,Baby Q...hehehe....