Jul 29, 2009


No idea wat to write..

Not feeling well for few days...

Jul 13, 2009


Let me shared some info about my sistas...at 1st,i only have 1 sis....but,now...i owned 4 more 'sisters'....:D

Saidatul Norlyana Azemi
She is my one & only sis..damn,i love her so much..she is my life..she is my soul..i would do anything 4 her...:D!~...even dulu,with all my ex bf including my Power Rangers.. aku ckp...i'd do anything 4 my sis...im willing to let you go because of my sis..haha...serius babe...i m her protector.so,thank god now she is with some1 that i can trust to take over my guardian thing...ehehe..I called her Kak Ngah which supposed there shuld be another Kak Lang or Kak Su after her...but,she is the youngest & i am the eldest...yup,only both of us..the 2 daughters of Azemi Shaari wed Hanim Mansor.Kak Ngah is very d garang one..esp to my mom...hahahaa..suke melawan de ni..n she is a loving gal...she loves cats so much..its her routine to take all cats at house to hospital for check up every month..And if i have a daughter...i want my daughter to be luk like her..she's so cute..she's very cute..she got the cute n beauty face from my mom..in our family,i can say,she can make my famm so proud..next year,she'll b fly to oversea to further her PhD..bagus kan de??me??still here...im so proud of you,sis...and i love you...:)..im glad that im your Kak Long...n thanks fr always b my fashion guru...:)

Husna Roslan

She is Power Ranger's sis..the 2nd among 4 of 'em...She is the beauty of the family..owned a very fair skin and also sooo licin..i envy that!~..ehehe..no wonder her bf can be countless..born to be heartbreaker,huh...ehehe..but,frankly..she's still searching fr the perfect one..she's the most blur among us..kind hearted..naive person..We called her Ina.she's mom's daughter..beside my Power Rangers la as he is everyone fav there..the only boy la katerkan..ahahaha..this gal i know..if she get married...she can b d best wife..ckup talented..

Amirah Roslan

Bobo...thats wat we all called her..to shorten it,she can be called as Bob..haha.i love when we called her Bobo..in Rihana 's Rehab song way.she told me,she want to b hip hopers..hahah..the biggest among all..n the coolest among 'em..always talk with confident..n she's like the entertainer of the famm...& she's a gal who with the confident..like my Kak Ngah,she loves cats..always told me she want to adopt another kittens..until kucing2 pn sleep with her..i still remember,got 1 time she asked me whether can she bring her cat to my house.. Of cuzla cannot,my BF tu anti kucing sikit..oh yea,she loves to spend her skool holiday at my house...everything is complete...that's wat she said..one thing i like bout Bobo is...she's simple...

Amani Roslan

My other option of if i have a daughter...i want her to be like....this gal too..even people said Ina is the most prettiest..but,my vote goes for this 16 'ers old Adik...with her eyes yg sepet..luks like japanese or korean...she's the youngest..among all,i guess she's the most yg boleh diharap..and also rajin.She can be one of my BF's pesaing in studies...she scored quite well in her studies...My friend used to teach her..n she told me that this gal can go very2 well..no wonder she can get the anugerah tht day..but,she's very shy gal..always senyap jer..my b'day was on 6th May..hers 7th May....:)..last time,we celebr8 our b'day together..


She's not binti Roslan neither Azemi..but,she still part of the family..She's more like sis to us..Actually,she is my BF's cousin..she lives with my in law's family..and she can consider as my sister too..Munet,she loved to called herself that name..she's a genius..tp,pemalas sikit minah ni...hahah..after SPM,she moved to my in law's house...n work in SP.her SPM result was superb..but,because of some reason,she work..minah ni so sempoi..Mira's BFF..her English is superb..sekolah pn kat Sikh jer..imagine,wat a place..so jauh2 pedalaman..but,she scored A in her English..she bring joys and luck to all....

End of story....all of 'em are the best sis i ever had...love 'em all....

Jul 10, 2009


In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials
And My Tribulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy
And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of
Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always
In My Heart.

Taken from THIS

Jul 4, 2009


Again...pasal MJ..i guess its been 1 week + he left us..within that period,slowly..i've changed my mind from not so bother MJ existance to MJ die hard fan...regret pulak aku x suke de when he still alive..itula,org ckp..selalunyer bile org dh mati baru org ingt..

i nvr been exposed to him much for this past 27 ers..still remmber,when i was still in high skool..i felt that MJ's vid was all annoying & boring..lame plak tu..i was more to boy band...hahah..zaman N SYNC la...BSB la..911 la..so,aku kene la up 2 date kan..ehehe

Few days ago,byk research aku buat psal MJ ni..achewah,research tu...xdela.aku ni penggemar Forum Cari..from there,aku update myself about him ..byk sgt pasal de aku tahu from that forum..n slowly,i know the truth...n i now why Masuri also his fan..and automatically,aku feel tht love...yup,i'm in love with MJ...susah aku describe that feeling..but,it is true...

The way he talked..the way he sing..oh man,i do believe he is the most sincere ever man in this earth..beliau sungguh baik hati,seorg daddy yg penyayang...i was dying now to b in Neverland...tp,aku x puas hati nape ramai sgt yg sakit hati ngan de..n aku nearly cry when he tell wat police did to him..when he storied about his life...about his childhood time..about how lonely he is...i nver like or adore others singers like how i feel about MJ's now...maybe sbb liku2 kehidupan de kot..buat aku touched.he nver get normal life since kecik..i do feel deeeeep loss.xtau nape aku emo sgt..

Dalam diam2,mmg byk sgt charity yg de buat..thats the kindness of him..what i can conclude is that his love for the children is pure. he has a really good heart.And people and the press and media like he said people who are ignorant! they just talk abt it without knowing the real truth! And that stupid bangang martin bashir, kalau aku nampak dia aku terajang sampai mampos pun bagus.Serius,his last statement psal MJ's death & his confession that MJ did not do any crime...mmg chooyy sgt....

After few googles at youtube,watch his interview...i was 100% confident that MJ:-
1) WILL NEVER molest kanak2
2) lonely
3) Love his sons & daughter very much
4) Love his fans & do appreciate 'em

ohh..i do miss him..hahaha...hari2 aku layan youtube tau..lagu de.layan video2 pasal de..Lagu Will You Be There...adalah kesukaan aku skrg...Power Rangers pn aku paksa de layan video MJ hari2...seb baik de best..de layan gak aku hari2 citer2 psal MJ ni..sebok2 tanyer..hari ni ape hapdet terbaru pasal MJ??ehehehe....i became his fan not so much from his music, but after i learnt how sincere and noble his heart was..ade sekali tu,lps tgk youtube..aku sedekahkan al fatihah kt de...& got 1 time,lepas semayang...aku doakan de selamat kt 'sana'...dh x betul kot aku...hahaha.tp,aku tetap percaya...he is ISLAM...Mikael Jackson..

Below,aku bg link wasiat MJ..haha,begitu byk yg aku korek..smpi de nye wasiat pn aku terjumpa gak...aku x sure la betul ke x yg ni..but,i do believe it is..