Dec 30, 2009


Today (30/12/2009)...only 1 more day 2010.A new number.

Resolution?What's mine? & What's yours??
Can i ask back..

"Should i have one?"

Well,i dun have any i guess..i just follow the flow..if GOD give me the thing,it will be..but,wat thing??I i said..i m just the follower..follow whatever GOD give.Sound like L.O.S.E.R i care?

I just hope 2010 will bring me better days,better life,better $ and better in e'thing..

2009 was such a gr8 year..n it walked away so fast. Still feel like early of '09.Can't believe I still have 2 more days...which less than 48 hours to write "the date today is XX/XX/2009".

Wish all HAPPY NEW YEAR..2010,a year which I cant wait too...because I can't wait to cuddle this little boy....

* Kene marah ngan Power Rangers..sbb bg gmbr ni kene air mase nk scan to mistake pn...*

Dec 28, 2009


Last weekend,actually...yest (27.12.09)went to 3d/4d,it's cmfrm 100% baby boy..

Last Friday,on X'mas day (25.12.09)...spent whole morning watched channel E!..Kimora tv show..suddenly,gt a feeling..i want a baby gal..want to dress her,want to make up her..eiwww,so cute...comelnyer!~..I told PRangers,i want baby gal fr 2nd baby..when??nt yet in plan...yg 1st pn x kuar lagi..hahaha

But,the Dr.told's 100% baby,nther next < >3 months, Encik Q akan'allah..

It's a baby we all sure?On pic above...there's a scrotum part..where's the part?malas aku nk tag the part..pandai2 sendrila carik...

Dec 21, 2009


Maybe it's true....

That I can't live without you..
And maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one...

Tomm is si Gemuk's b'day..he's goin 2 be 25th...baru 25 pun..ehehe.

0 plan wat to do..already gv the gift...& already listed down wat i want fr my next year b'day...ahaha...even still gt 5 more months to go..

Still remember last time,i sms him..

Me : U nk ape besday nnti?
Him : Tanak aper2..
Me : Xleh..kene ade gak..nnti,besday i pn kene bg gak hadiah..
Him : Erm...i nk hadiah..u & baby...:).

** Me speechless **

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes
The way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing

....2 is better than one.....

Dec 17, 2009


Inilaa...yg dinamakan super duper comel...i can say that she is the cutest kid ever born..

Dec 11, 2009

Kecik Pendek..

Still remember..last few days,Thursday nite..when im watching Upin & Q was moving non stop..i can see my stomach moving..n sometimes,i duno kepala or kaki de kejap kt atas..kejap kt bawah..sometimes,he kicked me so hard..sakitla sikit2 ...n more to uncomfy feelingsla..sbb time tu,aku dh start ngantok2..Tgk Upin & Ipin..wat do u expect..goin to gv full attention?Aku tgk Power Rangers nye rambut pn dh serabut dh..sbb ngantuk..aku lagi ler.But,i just cant sleep..mmg lately,he always move bile time activela he..

Then,i mengadu kat's moving so much..until I can't sleep..tht time dh pukul dah..sok nk keje lagi..haizz...then,I said to him.."u tolong la ckp kat baby suh de tido.."..
You know wat he said then..?Here wat he said (his hand on my stomach)..

"Baby tido laa..jangan kacau budak kecik ni...nnti de marah"

Muler2..i was like...WTH!~Tapi when i told Masuri bout this,she said..eee,comel laa...hehe..tht time,bru i realised how cute it was..haha..

Ya,he always called me Budak Kecik Pendek..wat a name..macamla de besar sgt...i used to call him Gemuk Pendek plak..

Last week,i was about to fetch my sis from her IELTS exam..n she was waiting fr us under a tree. From far,i saw her..n i told PRangers..

"Haa..tu kak ngah tu..kt bawah pokok tu..duk kecik pendek jer tunggu bawah pokok".

N then,he was laughing like wat only...because he know,i dun like him calling me kecik,i gt a chance to call my sis kecik pendek pulak..ehehe..but,it was cute..kecik pendek..but,cute...hey,i'm nt that pendek hoccay...154cm...ya,can consider short too.:P..

This weekend i just finished 80% shopping baby Q thingy..thank GOD it's YES (year end sales) time....We were about to buy stroller..mmg sgt2 cheap hoccay..but,we decided nt to..cuz,we think it's too early..later la..

When u out,better b gud boy,Baby Q...hehehe....

Nov 30, 2009


Me...still in NEW MOON mood...:D..COmel gile TL kecik2...

Nov 28, 2009


Been watched the can't wait New Moon last nite..i was superb statisfied with the movie...It was full booked cinema,as empty chair.

Well,as everyone know,how i was obssessed with the wolf,Jacob Black acted by Taylor Lautner..ya,admit that i love his look,body and his hair..everything about him.But,i realised something last nite...


Forever will love New Moon,in Eclipse,in Breaking Dawn..Edward just dun have so much 'something' that can make me like him more n more..he's just a dull,whity,pale,red lips vampire..where i wish Bella could never love him like that.And how i hope,she will forever love Jacob.

Probably,next when i can see the love triangle moment..Jacob- Bella- Edward.

Kudos Sthephanie Meyer,u are just the best writer ever...

Nov 24, 2009


I watched Twilight again...just now,just finished..dun care bout my Boss who sit beside me..xleh blah...sbb,New Moon lambat sgt kuar kat M'sia..x puas hati aku...

Everyday,tgk E!...all about New Moon,hari2 bace forum..more & more people been watched that movie already?Me???must wait til 26th..oopps,27th..wait fr my sis to come to my house & we go watch together...

To baby Q,mummy love Jacob @ Taylor Lautner so much..heheheh..i hope u have his eyes n eyebrow..hahaha..gojes nyer..!~..gediks la plak.

Nov 16, 2009

21.12.2012...End OF World??

A movie titled 2012 was out last week..I'm one of 'em who eager to watch it..until GSC website went under maintainence..but,we changed to TGV..siap pay on9,gune credit card..selalu GSC gune maybank2u jer..TGV,xde plak maybank2u ni..wat a 'pulun' thing...

Later,after booked 14/11/2009 @9.20pm...we both were so damn xcited to watch it.E'one keep talking bout 2012...the date 21/12/2012..Some more Power Rangers said..21/12 ek?22/12 tu besday,he's very excited to watch 'the end of world' movie...

It was so-so movie only laaa fr me.xdela best mane predictable ending..some more..end of world rite?y must theres people survived then?byk x logic also..can u stop from laughing when u think back...'one guy can called up his fren when tsunami was about few meters in front of him'....hahahaha...

And my Q****** baby inside me was kicking like wat only that time..esp when the volcano,earth quake & people screaming scenes..a bit uncomfy i feel.but,i know he was exciting inside...maybe kacau schedule de tido kot..hehe..

Lately,he always kacau me tido laa...every morning,sure he will kick me & wake me original alarm clock fr me.It was fun thought,esp when i share the moments with Power Rangers..later,i wana ask my sis feel it too..ehehe.The most interesting part,was when i put Astro remote on top of my stomach & i can see the remote moving...hehehehe..

Well,at least i've watched 2012..a big movie which was wanted to watch by everyone this year.Yet,nther movie tht people (nt all i guess,most probably all gals)..been waiting..NEW MOON...i hope it will never disappointed me..Oh my Taylor!~....

Nov 10, 2009


Last Friday on 6th November 2009...I've attended a superb wed..A wed from my best friend of mine..Congrats Puan Masuri & Encik Nazim.

I've snapped some photos..but,nt yet transfer from camm-->PC..later will do. And will upload do in my facebook.

I've been touched...when on that wed,she used my song.A song that I loved since old skool song..which will always b my dream tht will use on my wed day.But,due to some technical probs.....tht song can b aired on my do my presentation..arghhh,tensi2..

Then,i told & suggest her to use that song on her wed..n she did it.Though it wasnt on my wedding,but it was aired on my best fren's wedding..& it was suggested by me..:D

Oh,till now..I love that song...And here we go the song...

By the way...Congrats to Puan Suri & Encik Nazim..Remember our promise,Masuri..Anak kite nnti mesti same umo tau..ehehe..Dead Butterflies -Together As One-..Love you & Ayu so much...miss all our sweet times..

Sangat shantek...suker this moment..

Nov 4, 2009

IT'S A.....

Last nite,me & my P.Rangers went for check up..ramai gak org tht time..yg paling semak,is 1 gal..i guess age around hell so notty..lari2 saner..lari2 sini..tear magz...her mom also cant do anything..they came with their maid..& she's out of control..watever the elders (either mom or maid) do,she wont listen,even been pinched by them..huh.Aku malas gile nk,tetibe de g kat aku plak..then,aku senyum..pas2,de punyela ape jer.but,i dun gv a damn..gile notty..x koser aku nk layan..Power Rangers lagi serius x bace mag jer.

Then,my turn up fr check up..after timbang berat,check BP all..i went fr scan..Aku cm malas nk layan sgt tgk monitor scanner tu..then,the Dr asked me.."1st baby kan"..i just nodded.After few sec,she asked me..nk tau x baby boy ker gal??Surprised me yeah...of cuz,i nak tau..Then,Power Rangers asked...can know already??so fast?...The Dr said,yup...then,she showed us the 'Birdie",its a BOY!~...hahaaha..we expected we will know after 6 months..but,Dr Munirah said..ur baby showed it early...and she add up,easier la u all nk go shopping brg nnti...

I've texted my sis,n my sis in law..i asked them to guess the gender..My sis guessed gal,my sis in laws guessed boy...hahaha..i told my sis,its a boy..she like so surprised..ya,dlm famm we all,both of us gal wat..tiba2 later ade boy,mcm janggal plak...huhu..if baby gal,im sis will make up & dress her..n u knowlaa..if gal pn,i mmg nk de jadi like my sis..since she kan the fashion guru..hehe..

Well,in'allah...M*** Q****** A***** will be otw..Now,me nt yet start buy anything..some said,nt gud buy things early..But,some said better buy sikit2..cuz,if buy 1 shot..terkejut tgk bil lak kang..since I'm 5 months+ already,i guess i'll start buy something later..but,nt too soon la..bile rase nk beli ler...sbb aku pn xtau ape nk beli...ehehe..tgk checklist kt internet,byk version sgt.So,aku buat bodo jer..

Oct 28, 2009


Good news i heard this morning....


Both are my fav...yeay...


On Tuesday's nite (26/10/09)..i received a sms from my skoolmate, 1st,i just heard my phone 'beep' sound for SMS...then,i just ignored.Later,my Power Rangers called me from hall (I was in the kitchen that time) and said "Ader SMS ni,I bace ek"...then,i just replied "hmmm"..

But,after he read my sms...with the shocked voice,he called me..."u,ade mmber u meninggal ni"...erk????terkejut giler aku..then,i went to him n read the sms..It was written "Salam,Madihah mak,akak(Kak Leny),adik (Adila) n niece meninggal dunia siang tadi kerana kemalangan-Al Fatihah"....I rounded my eyes after i read that much of them?4 people one shot?Then...those faces esp Madihah came around my mind...

Madihah ni kawan aku mase kat Sek Men Seri Gombak,budak class Science Hayat.Since aku baik ngan Nazi & Naimah,automatically dengan de pn aku ok..a very2 gud girl..budak tdung labuh but..with crazy minded..mmg lawak.kecik jer..smaller than me.Then,still remember we went to the same Matriks..(KMM)..The 1st day of registration,i saw she & her whole famm..

Takziah to Madihah's lost of her famm. Al- fatihah to be deceased

Paper articles can be read from:
Berita Harian
Utusan Malaysia

Oct 22, 2009


Have you listened to Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson?
Have you ever try to sing Unfaithful from Rihanna?
Pernahkah anda mendengar & meminati lagu Tapi Bukan Aku-Kerispatih?

Saye pernah...& selalu dengar.Lagu Kerispatih tu,1st time saye mendengar dengan bersemangatnyer lps b'karaoke dengan Power Rangers...Saye menyaksikan de menyanyi lagu itu & lagu2 pilihannyer dengan penuh semangat..luck on him,suara de boleh tahan jika nak dibandingkan ngan aku yg agak menggedik ketika nyanyi lagu2 Avril or lagu2 yg ntah haper2..

Ok2...back to the motif sebenar lagu2 di dlm list di atas yg menarik perhatian sayer..bukan sebab lagunyer sungguh hits di,kerana lirik nya yg sungguh memberikan moral kepada sayer..Baru kejap td,saye dengar lagu Already Gone kt youtube..then,vid tu ader lirik sekali..saye pn bace...n then,it reminds me of past favourite history.

Kejadian itu berlaku kira2 4-5 years old back...bile dikenang2 kan balik,sayer merasakan diri saye sangat mean kepada si 'Dia'..(Nama dirahsiakan)..Sangat kesian,& rasa guilty tu datang plak..Tp,when it comes to things tht include feelings.i guess,we cant cheat ourselves to makes others happy...rite?

'Dia' diibaratkan as some1 yg sayer gunekan untuk frget some1..some1 yg sayer sndri pn rase sangat lawak camne leh suker...bile fikir2 balik,saye katerkan de as my 1st crush,my 1st time falling in,ekceli..merepek jerla.geli jer...Berbalik pada "Dia",saye betul2 kecewa,hurt when i dumped him...n i left him just like that.Time tu,saye betul2 nekad..sbb xde perasaan langsung..until my sis pn ckp,kesian de..x baik buat de cam2..At 1st,he refused to b my fren langsung..but,slowly he can take it..

Kepada Encik Safwan Rahim,u know who's tht guy..n you know the real story kan..ko pn ckp,aku,wat to must go on..I got to know his gf,n i believe i hurt him so much last time..I'm so sorry,k...really sorry.i never dream u & me together teruk of me laa..But,he's a gud guy...a very2 gud guy..But,he's not my dream guy..He's my favourite history yg agak lawak & xleh blah...

Tapi,citer lame tu...saye pn malas nk fikir..bile fikir,rase cam sangat menggelikan hati..punyerla desperate saye rase sbb kekonon nk luperkan org lain..then,main rembat..pas2,tinggalkan cam2 jer..tetibe rase perasan bagus plak post sayer ni..hahaha..but,it makes me better..better me..makes me fr who I am now..Btw,x baik tau main2 kan perasaan org..From that,I knew my ultimate love...which I always smile everytime i see his face..inside my heart always said "Why you so cute?Izit true i've married to this handsome guy?How i wish he/she will have your look."..Serius,i will say that.

Oct 21, 2009


New Moon fever...yes..I am in the high tempearature..because of that addicted movie ever~.
Few things i can't wait as Nov is coming..ekceli 2 jer pun..hahaha

1- Masuri's big day...
Serius,xcited..tgk kawan baik aku kawen babe...awal2,aku dh booked dh room kt Concorde nak aku tolong aku before,since her wed also will b on the same place..aku rase no,byk plak date aku..senarai wajib jumpe,encik Safwan,Puan Epel,Encik Hafiz Sakmi & Mohd Harraz..4 sure Power Rangers roger Pidot ngan Dira,pas2..calling2 Tepet,Maranor..Iwe sure nk jumpe Mere..since depan Concorde je apartment Mere..And Kak Ngah sure got her own list fren..Aku?Jumpe Masuri dahla...hahaha..n since Ayu will be the Pengapit,one shot aku jumpe balik mmber2 aku..& for sure aku cmfrm reunion 4F & 5F...

2-The date should b 20-11-2009
New Moon....hahaha..x sabar aku nk tgk..aku nk tgk Jacob..oh my Jacob!~...last week,aku bace balik Twilight,aku start ngan Eclipse je..pas2,nk bace Breaking Dawn..since last time,aku byk skip...

Oh yer,inilaaa wallpaper baru aku kt ofis..aku juga meminati Jasper (in Cullen's Famm)...kalau selain Cullen's love always b Jacob...)

Oct 15, 2009



My fave songs will probably comes from:-

1) Taylor Swift
2) Miley Cirus
3) The Jonas Brothers-I'm in love with Nick...,,wat to fav channel will always b Disney Channel..still can remmber,my dad came to my house..n he try to change channel to all learning (551,552,etc)...but shown not subscribed...Then,my sis told him.."Kak Long mane ade chanel seme tu...cartoon aderlaa"...i just grinned..

Well,i just loved them...sound immatured,but...Hannah Montana will b my fav show..something I'll wait fr every week.But,I'm not into High School much drama,i guess...eeiiww.

Ringtones hst aku still maintain pakai lagu non-ala2 disney la..current,Paramore-Ignorance..agak segan apabila org call,lagu dr mereka yg agak2 disney yg nyanyikan untuk menghiburkan org2 sekeliling....

Oh yer...bru teringat..dulu,aku minat Britney pn dulu berasal dr Disney...Begitu juger N'SYNC...:D..

Oct 8, 2009


Korang cmfrm kenalnye kan...minah atas (as shown above)..Taylor Swift..xtau naper,lately...aku suke tul ngan de ni..bukan aku jer..Power Rangers pun..selalu duet nyanyi lagu You Belong With,the best song of the year laaa fr us..bile on transmitter radio via phone dlm kete pun,this is our 1st choice song to listen...

No doubt laa...aku still suke Avril,tp..dah minah tu asyik senyap jer,xde citer ape2 pn..latest,aku tau de dh divorce..xde new single ker ape2,aku pn sukelaa kt lagu org lain..ehehe..

Bile aku tgk vid You Belong With Me...aku rase njoy sgt2..n she deserved menang VMA'09 hr tu pun kan..tah hape2 jer Kanye West..Her vids all best,keh...Bg aku,Beyonce nye vids tader ape yg best sgt pun...sawan kot Kanye malam tu..

Skrg ni pun,aku tgh dengar lagu Love Story..nther options of her songs tht is my fav..hermm,if aku dpt baby i wish...she luks like Taylor Swift...hahahahaha..berangaaann...Well,bout my baby gender,still duno yet..aku x g check up lagi..saje nk g lmbt2..nk bg that 'part' develop,lehla tau pasni..heheh...Hope M*** Q***** A***** otw...Aminnn..Tapi,ape2 pun..aku redha jerla..

Btw,hari ni 4th Anny aku ngan Power Rangers aku couple..still ingat camne kitrg declare kat cafe Cengal,UTM..hehe..time tu bulan puaser..herrm,aku pn nearly lupa..until he send me sms asked hr ni brape hb,& he post the wish 4 me at my facebook's wall..well,i demand gift..simple jer..aku nk slipper baru..hahaha..dh ade target dh yg mane..yeayyy..hope tonite,leh g Jusco...huhu...

Sep 29, 2009

Raya 2009'

Hari raya tahun ini boleh dikatakan Hari Raya begitu memenatkan sekali apabila ia melibatkan beberapa negeri telah disinggah dalam masa beberapa harii :

Raya pertama-Aku & famm (Abah,Mak,Kak Ngah & Power Rangers)-sibuk beraya di dalam kereta..From Kedah-->Johor..

Raya ke 2-Dari Johor (to be specific,Mersing di hujung dunia yg jauh) gerak umah sedara 2-3 buah,tgh hari gerak to JB..ronda2 JB,g Danga Bay (mengimbau tempat2 aku dating bersama Power Rangers) and petang,gerak to Melaka, umah Pak Man. From Mersing-->JB->Melaka

Raya ke 3-Pagi2,dh bertolak..gerak to KL..g Low Yatt (Abah nk beli phone baru,tergedik2 xleh tahan nk beli gak..seronok tgk aku nye phone ade GPS kot..)..then,round2 Gombak..tgk sekolah lame,singgah umah kawan2 lamer Abah..kt Gombak..lalu Greenwood,senyum2..sbb i missed my old gud days there..bile dh nk dekat malam,gerak balik Penang.From Melaka-->KL-->Penang

Raye ke 4-Kat SP (Umah In Laws),then balik Sikh,Kedah..umah nenek Power Rangers. G saner,xde buat mender,makan,tido..mandi sungai...tu jer..ajak Power Rangers jalan2,de malas..aku pn malam,so..seme pn tido..xleh join Mira ngan Munirah g round2,sbb moto x cukup..since aku gile x reti bawak Gen-2..hahahaha..bodoh gile alasan..malam,lepak kedai.makan Char Kuey Teow..boleh tahanla..Munirah makan byk,sampai malam tido..muntah..habis satu katil. From SP-->Sikh.

Raya ke 5-Balik SP balik..pagi2 g umah sedara..makan laksa..pandai makcik tuh buat laksa..aku suke..berbaloi mak mertua aku suh tunggu kejap..kitrg seme dh kepanasan nk balik umah...From Sikh-->SP.

Raya ke 6- Aku pulang ke rumah di Penang..home sweet home.Bile duk umah,boring plak..kaki rase gatal nk berjalan..g Carefour pn layan..

Raye tahun ni xde gambar...aku malas nk amek gambar..asyik duk dlm kete,aku rase x perlu la nk posing syok sndri dlm kete..bile sampai kg or umah sedara mara,aku rase malas nk amek camera dlm,kesimpulannyer..aku xde gambar pakai kebaya or baju kurung..Dahla aku merasa sedih sbb 2 baju raye aku tahun ni dh x muat...haizz,xper...x muat pn ade reasonnyer sndri..reason yg terbaekkk...!~

Sep 11, 2009



Aug 26, 2009


Lame siut aku x update blog..bak kater Wan,dh berhabuk..bersawang dh..haha..bukan xnak,tp..malas..yerla aku kan pemalas..
Btw,today...dah 5 days all umat Islam puasa...aku plak,dh 0 hari berpuasa..sian kan's not i dun want...gile nk kene gnti,i just can' 1 day i did tried...but,end up...phewww...almost dying...hahah..(serius,xtahan...)

This year Ramadhan,i bet its never gonna b like last years fr daily life totally changed..up & down..being preggy is not easy..bru 11 weeks je,aku rase serius dh xbleh blah langsung...huhu..nk masuk dapur aku rase cam masuk tong sampah.hahaha...

i just wish tht things will get better in 1 or 2 weeks...pity Power Rangers..he has to do everything,prepared lying in front feel like princess..but,i dun want to burden him...he's toooo gud n sooo gud...

Jul 29, 2009


No idea wat to write..

Not feeling well for few days...

Jul 13, 2009


Let me shared some info about my 1st,i only have 1 sis....but,now...i owned 4 more 'sisters'....:D

Saidatul Norlyana Azemi
She is my one & only sis..damn,i love her so much..she is my life..she is my soul..i would do anything 4 her...:D!~...even dulu,with all my ex bf including my Power Rangers.. aku ckp...i'd do anything 4 my willing to let you go because of my sis..haha...serius babe...i m her,thank god now she is with some1 that i can trust to take over my guardian thing...ehehe..I called her Kak Ngah which supposed there shuld be another Kak Lang or Kak Su after her...but,she is the youngest & i am the eldest...yup,only both of us..the 2 daughters of Azemi Shaari wed Hanim Mansor.Kak Ngah is very d garang one..esp to my mom...hahahaa..suke melawan de ni..n she is a loving gal...she loves cats so much..its her routine to take all cats at house to hospital for check up every month..And if i have a daughter...i want my daughter to be luk like her..she's so cute..she's very cute..she got the cute n beauty face from my our family,i can say,she can make my famm so year,she'll b fly to oversea to further her PhD..bagus kan de??me??still so proud of you,sis...and i love you...:) glad that im your Kak Long...n thanks fr always b my fashion guru...:)

Husna Roslan

She is Power Ranger's sis..the 2nd among 4 of 'em...She is the beauty of the family..owned a very fair skin and also sooo licin..i envy that! wonder her bf can be countless..born to be heartbreaker,huh...ehehe..but,frankly..she's still searching fr the perfect one..she's the most blur among us..kind hearted..naive person..We called her Ina.she's mom's daughter..beside my Power Rangers la as he is everyone fav there..the only boy la katerkan..ahahaha..this gal i know..if she get married...she can b d best wife..ckup talented..

Amirah Roslan

Bobo...thats wat we all called shorten it,she can be called as Bob..haha.i love when we called her Rihana 's Rehab song way.she told me,she want to b hip hopers..hahah..the biggest among all..n the coolest among 'em..always talk with confident..n she's like the entertainer of the famm...& she's a gal who with the my Kak Ngah,she loves cats..always told me she want to adopt another kittens..until kucing2 pn sleep with her..i still remember,got 1 time she asked me whether can she bring her cat to my house.. Of cuzla cannot,my BF tu anti kucing sikit..oh yea,she loves to spend her skool holiday at my house...everything is complete...that's wat she thing i like bout Bobo is...she's simple...

Amani Roslan

My other option of if i have a daughter...i want her to be like....this gal too..even people said Ina is the most prettiest..but,my vote goes for this 16 'ers old Adik...with her eyes yg sepet..luks like japanese or korean...she's the youngest..among all,i guess she's the most yg boleh diharap..and also rajin.She can be one of my BF's pesaing in studies...she scored quite well in her studies...My friend used to teach her..n she told me that this gal can go very2 wonder she can get the anugerah tht day..but,she's very shy gal..always senyap b'day was on 6th May..hers 7th May....:)..last time,we celebr8 our b'day together..


She's not binti Roslan neither Azemi..but,she still part of the family..She's more like sis to us..Actually,she is my BF's cousin..she lives with my in law's family..and she can consider as my sister too..Munet,she loved to called herself that name..she's a,pemalas sikit minah ni...hahah..after SPM,she moved to my in law's house...n work in SP.her SPM result was superb..but,because of some reason,she work..minah ni so sempoi..Mira's BFF..her English is superb..sekolah pn kat Sikh jer..imagine,wat a jauh2 pedalaman..but,she scored A in her English..she bring joys and luck to all....

End of story....all of 'em are the best sis i ever 'em all....

Jul 10, 2009


In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials
And My Tribulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy
And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of
Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always
In My Heart.

Taken from THIS

Jul 4, 2009


Again...pasal MJ..i guess its been 1 week + he left us..within that period,slowly..i've changed my mind from not so bother MJ existance to MJ die hard fan...regret pulak aku x suke de when he still alive..itula,org ckp..selalunyer bile org dh mati baru org ingt..

i nvr been exposed to him much for this past 27 ers..still remmber,when i was still in high skool..i felt that MJ's vid was all annoying & boring..lame plak tu..i was more to boy band...hahah..zaman N SYNC la...BSB la..911,aku kene la up 2 date kan..ehehe

Few days ago,byk research aku buat psal MJ ni..achewah,research tu...xdela.aku ni penggemar Forum Cari..from there,aku update myself about him ..byk sgt pasal de aku tahu from that forum..n slowly,i know the truth...n i now why Masuri also his fan..and automatically,aku feel tht love...yup,i'm in love with MJ...susah aku describe that feeling..but,it is true...

The way he talked..the way he sing..oh man,i do believe he is the most sincere ever man in this earth..beliau sungguh baik hati,seorg daddy yg penyayang...i was dying now to b in,aku x puas hati nape ramai sgt yg sakit hati ngan de..n aku nearly cry when he tell wat police did to him..when he storied about his life...about his childhood time..about how lonely he is...i nver like or adore others singers like how i feel about MJ's now...maybe sbb liku2 kehidupan de kot..buat aku touched.he nver get normal life since kecik..i do feel deeeeep loss.xtau nape aku emo sgt..

Dalam diam2,mmg byk sgt charity yg de buat..thats the kindness of him..what i can conclude is that his love for the children is pure. he has a really good heart.And people and the press and media like he said people who are ignorant! they just talk abt it without knowing the real truth! And that stupid bangang martin bashir, kalau aku nampak dia aku terajang sampai mampos pun bagus.Serius,his last statement psal MJ's death & his confession that MJ did not do any crime...mmg chooyy sgt....

After few googles at youtube,watch his interview...i was 100% confident that MJ:-
1) WILL NEVER molest kanak2
2) lonely
3) Love his sons & daughter very much
4) Love his fans & do appreciate 'em

ohh..i do miss him..hahaha...hari2 aku layan youtube tau..lagu de.layan video2 pasal de..Lagu Will You Be There...adalah kesukaan aku skrg...Power Rangers pn aku paksa de layan video MJ hari2...seb baik de layan gak aku hari2 citer2 psal MJ ni..sebok2 tanyer..hari ni ape hapdet terbaru pasal MJ??ehehehe....i became his fan not so much from his music, but after i learnt how sincere and noble his heart was..ade sekali tu,lps tgk youtube..aku sedekahkan al fatihah kt de...& got 1 time,lepas semayang...aku doakan de selamat kt 'sana'...dh x betul kot,aku tetap percaya...he is ISLAM...Mikael Jackson..

Below,aku bg link wasiat MJ..haha,begitu byk yg aku korek..smpi de nye wasiat pn aku terjumpa gak...aku x sure la betul ke x yg ni..but,i do believe it is..

Jun 27, 2009


Yeaa...i know,mostly everyone knew...about MJ's death..Something's shocked & the sadness was shared with whole bout me? 1st,i wasnt that sad...because i ain't his fan..i just love his song...Heal The World & You Are Not Alone..but,yeah...admit that still feel the loss..

Nther thing,i was glad that he died in Muslim..proud of him.But,why take days for his body to be buried then?I was hoping his bro will do his part as best as he can..I was lived fr 27 years...n was influenced with his songs...stil remember i did joined choir fr my class when i was in form 2 (if i'm not frgotten)..we sang Heal the song...meaningful song..wonderful lyrics...that's the diff of him...And still can remember my fren...her famm spend hundreds to watch him at Genting that time...its worth,that's wat my fren told me when i asked...

Well,nothing much to said...just pray that he will b peace 'there'..may Allah always b with you,Mikael....nice name he picked...may u always rest in are always the legend fr all of us...

This vid...i searched @ youtube,,i was touched...

Oh yer,i watched Transformer 2nd time..duno how,i feel like Sam just loook like my Power Rangers...hahaha...which part,duno...but,cmfrm ramai gile lelaki merembes tgk Mikaela...btw,after 2nd time watched,i still feel like there's something missing in The feel like the 1st one..better...perhaps,3rd watch...will change my view & perceptions..when??TBA....

Jun 25, 2009


Yes....yes..yes....the answer is YES! wat quest it refer to??To this quest:-

Have u watched it??


pee/ass->(Saper2 x tgk lg T:ROTF-Jangan bace entry kali ni..byk sgt spoiler)

Still it is the best movie ever..Class A(Power Ranger yg ckp)..ade plak klasifikasi A ke B,terrrbaikkk....xleh nk ckp bertapa terbaiknyer.Tp,i prefer 1st kot...hahahahaha...sbb?sebab peribadi...sebab aku terlalu konfius dengan byk sangt autobots & decepticons..sampai aku xtau mane satu Megatron..hahaha..bodoh sial alasan.Tapi,bru aku tau..selama ni aku nk jadi JetFire...rupenyer Jetfire dh masuk autobots lak...dh tue laks tu..ewww...siap pakai tongkat.

150 minit aku dlm wayang...fullhouse,seme org concentrate cam nk mati tgk..habis 2 kotak popcorn aku ngan Power Rangers bedal..size Regular la..kalau size Large..mampos kembung perut kitrg makan pop corn jer..

There will be 2nd one..ashuld be..will be..always be..aper barang tgk sekali jer kan...arghhh,aku sewel tetibe...x suke Megatron..aku suke Optimus Prime,kejap jerlaa...part yg Megatron belah kete tu..mantap giler..aku cam terjatuh cinta byk8 kali kat de...hahaahahha..but,i dun like The Fallen..huduhla ko..pebende kat leher ko tu?kasi shantek sikit,boleh?The Twins..ya...Huey & Duwey..their existance really hit the watch...i better get them now...U'll get comedy,action & some touching scene in this sad when Prime died...but,hell's the last Prime..he can't die easily...Kudos to Sam.n Bumblebee..superb Camaro..i guess people will love you more...Ironhide....aku ade byk robot de ni kat umah..mule2 aku x kesah pn pasl,last nite..w.ahhh...aku tersuke,as usual...kenderaan kenderaan Autobots..sgt lawa...& diorg mmg sgt best...decepticons..macam biaser..sgt marabahaya!~

Errrr..dlm mind aku skrg..Transformer...transformer..transformer..that's few days i guess..Pagi ni,bgn lmbt..yerla..malam td,kul 12 lebih bru smpi umah kan..btw,really njoy watched the movie..gud & great effort Michael Bay..make u bilionare..Semalam,aku ade amek gambo sikit..bukan aku yg byk amek...Power Rangers yg byk amek gambo ckp,lehla u upload kat belog u tu..hahahha

Aku bawak Megatron aku tgk wayang semalam...ehehe...
Tgh sms Kak Ngah...*Kak Ngah,GSC bg kak long cd games laa..nnt kite main*
~Aku pakai baju Transformer...sumpah,aku pakai dr pagi sampai malam (dr ofis sampai tgk Transformer)...x basuh...hahaha~

Kul 8,aku dh sampai...wayang start kul 9..aku g Toy R Us..again..hri tu dh pegi..semalam pegi lagi..x puas hati,Megatron xde..semalam...g check lagi..
Aper ni..seme pun x kenal jer....mane Megatron ni..
Menciklaa....xde pun yg aku nk tu..cancel laa...arghh.tensi2..
"Alaa...Star Wars lagi bestlaa"...Power Rangers ckp...ewww,so outdated you...Transfomer la skrg..

He caught me playing games with my phone before the show started...

So,4 those yg x tgk lagi..pegila worth to watch...

Jun 24, 2009


Sila perhatikan yer....GSC website down..haha....Transfomer punya pasal la tu kan??sape lagi...padan muke kat sape2 yg xnak booked awal2...eheheh..Ramai yg meyumpah seranah time2 camni...sbb xleh bukak..aku tgk kat facebook,ramai pulak yg cam bengang...kesian..kesian

Kisah Pertama :-
Rizal Yusof
Rizal Yusof
gilo, website GSC takleh masuk. Too many users. Transformers punya pasal la ni..
Rizal Yusof
Rizal Yusof
Due to extremely heavy online traffic, the usual landing page on has been temporarily re-located and replaced with this simplified page.
Rizal Yusof
Rizal Yusof
Too Many Users
There are too many connected users. Please try again later.
Hazir Haron
Hazir Haron
hahaha~~~ memang best member aku ckp...dia tgk semalam!!! tapi aku tak kasi dia citer kat aku jalan citer dia!!! aku plak dah terinzal nieh....wakakaka~~
Rizal Yusof
Rizal Yusof
hampeh, dah tengok ek? nak kene layan gak nih..jangan citer kat aku weh...
Kosaifrik's Lavigne
Kosaifrik's Lavigne
ehehe..booked awal2

Kisah ke-2:-

Racheal Ting is pening kepala with GSC website!!! Error "Too many users. There are too many connected users. Please try again later." !! All salah Transformer!!!

Kosaifrik's Lavigne
Kosaifrik's Lavigne
ehem...transformer is the best movie ever...thats y laa....haha
Racheal Ting
Racheal Ting
hahaha... maybe loh

2 kisah dh cukup lah..maleh aku nk semak page2 blkg FB aku..btw,last nite aku pegi lagi Toy R Us..nk tgk2 Megatron..but,serius shit...sold out bai.yg ade byk..bumblebee...comel je aku tgk budak2 berkejar2 an..excited melihat bumblebee...terlalu xcited sampai byk yg jatuh2..haha.aku balik dengan tangan kosong since org yg jage tu ckp..stock bru soon...

Malam ni,aku nk g tgk..cite yg aku tunggu2..

*ade spoiler....he'll die at the end..arghhhh..xmo xmo...!~*

Jun 22, 2009


Cantik kan wallpaper baru aku...



Tunggu gua,k..

Hari Rabu,24/6 ni..gua dtg..pukul 9 malam..@ GSC Sunway Carnival..duduk depan pun layan jerlaa....there will b 2nd time this Saturday pulak..

Counting the days,dh bleh counting the hours gakla..ehehe..poyo lak aku,ape ade hal...dah aku mmg xcited doh..x terkawal.

Oh,semalam...Father's Day..aku x balik UUM..aku just wish kat bapak aku Happy Father's day..suh de jage reply terima kasih byk2....Hari Sabtu,de call tanye pasal camera..nk suh aku bg hadiah camera gamaknyer..tgk a,kalau ade duit,aku bg free jer..kalau xde..aku mintak claim..haha..aku gaji kecik,de kan lecturer..gaji byk dr,bapak aku selalu belanjer aku...aku pndh umah bru2 ni,de belikan dining,aku lagi suke shopping ngan mak aku..aper aku nk,aku de,de bayar..aku ckp,mak belanjer gelak..heheheh..itu tandanye setuju...hahaha..adik aku lagi syok..kalau kuar ngan mak aku..langsung x bawak wallet..bawak ic jer...seme pau mak aku.tapi,aku sayang kamu ber3...:).

*Hati aku gumbira melihat mereka....:).hati aku terasa nk pegi Jusco la petang ni..nther decepticons maybe..ehehe

Jun 19, 2009


Semalam....aku usha kat website ni..sales...& hati aku menari2 bile melihat ade sales Transformer kat Pacific..mule2 aku blur..kt umah aku ade x pernh dengar,tp..x sure katne..sbb mostly,aku spent kat Jusco,Tesco,Carrefour...(tempat murah2 je kan)..sbb setahu aku la..Toy R Us ade kat QB ngan Jusco jer..then,aku google..carik location Pacific berdekatan ngan umah aku..Last2....aku bru ingt..aku luper name tmpt,mmg aku panggil Pacific pun..aper daa..aku selalu minum semut kot..luper secara tba2.

Then,aku text Power Ranger..'I nak g Pacific,ade sales Transformer..nk ikut??i pick u at ur factory by 6.30pm..ok??'..then send....tapi,lps call aku ckp,pegi lepas de balik..means,aku balik umah dulu...then,lps mandi2 seme..bru pegi.muler2..aku cam xmolaa..sbb aku dh x sabar dh..serius,xleh tahan,setelah berjaya dikaunseling.akhirnya..aku agreed.

Sampai umah..aku cepat2 mandi..lps Power Rangers balik..mandi,kitrg pun g Pacific..dlm kete,de tanye aku...'makan or shop 1st?'...aku reply,de doubt,aku,aku pn g la makan...Makan KFC..sbb aku nk beli lagi 2 robot transformer.Ironhide & Starscream..buruk pn buruklaa..asalkan ader.bumblebee ngan optimus aku dh ader...with the price RM4..xkan aku nk expect same quality as yg RM39.90 kan..

Then,masa yg ditunggu,aku x masuk dalam Pacific lagi..aku g carik cd game ps2..aku nk main guitar Heroes..ramai ckp best..lps beli cd,aku terus g tmpt yg aku mmg nk sgt pegi...sampai kat saner....perhh..byknyerr choice..mule2 mmg aku xleh tahan tgk..merembes sial.mule2 aku spot decepticon thundercracker..sbb de leh ckp2...ader converse la kalau tekan satu button tu..dh nk byr,aku cma x puas hti..sbb kecik..hahah..x worth laa..Rm38.90..kecik jer..then,aku patah balik....setlah mendapat kaunseling sekali lagi drpd Power menasihatkan aku amek yg besar ckit..bru worth de,besar tu mahal..aku nk satu...megatron yg bleh ckp..' I AM MEGATRON'..masyuk doh..gile best dngr..kalau dpt,setiap mase sebelum tido aku,RM219.00...hahaha...kene fikir2 gak before beli..gaji minggu depan..sekrg ni duit pn x berapa,aku amek yg kecik sikit...tadaaa...

Stormcloud..decepticon..Micromasterbaters..Air Strike Patrol..even de nye sound xdela suara,at least kedengaran gaklaa bunyi jet pejuang tu...aku tersangat suke hati...kenape??sbb Power Ranger yg bayar...hahaha..Thanks Sayang..Sayang kamu sampai mati,k..Otw balik,aku non stop senyum je..aku ckp kat Power Rangers..'Malam ni malam paling best dlm hidup i'...he replied one word..'Poyo'....hahahha..memang pun..ayat drama.

Balik rumah,punye semangat..aku terus bukak tv..main game Transfomers.Malam semalam aku tido sambil tersnyum..n aku mimpi gak aku beli Decepticons..byk2...huhu..sedar2,air liur basi aku meleleh...hahaha serius,sampai cam2 sekali aku tido...

I can't control myself if it is anything related to Transformer..dr kecik minat...bukan pembaziran,tapi sekadar hobbies...pembaziran bg aku ialah..KFC baru hot & spicy..giler pedas sampai aku rase aku x mampu nk makan...n lagi satu pembaziran telah berlaku semalam..di mana,aku xleh main game guitar heroes..kene pakai guitar plak...x koser nk beli..buat bodo je kat games tuh..sape nak??gtau aku...aku bg free jer

Jun 18, 2009


Aku mahu benda ini..mahu n tersangat mahu...terlalu & terlampau..serius ni..sampai bile2 aku nakkan bende ni..kalau dapat,aku sayang bende ni sampai mati...

Jun 17, 2009


Aku boringla hari ni..bukan xde keje..terlalu byk keje,aku malas...serius malas..aku selalu malas..dh memang aku ni,aku jadila pemalas..aku x suke hipokrit kan..aku menjadi diri aku yg sebenarnye..

Aku dh layan youtube dr pagi sampai sekrg..smpi dh xde citer..last citer aku layan td Anaknya Sazali..yg aku rase dh byk kali aku,aku sekadar mendengar...bererti,aku meletakkan earphone kat telinga & browse youtube.aku x tgk adegan2 yg,sekadar mendengar dialog2..ini adalah untuk tujuan mengelirukan seme2 di pejabat terutama pihak atasan...di luaran aku seperti begitu rajin membuat,fikiran aku nun jauh kat citer2 bodoh ni...

Aku x sabar tunggu Transfomer...bangun2 pagi,aku mesti teringat...n aku senyum2..sbb semakin hari citer tu semakin aku bukak toy wizard...aku clic order now..kemudian,aku back page..sbb aku rase terlalu mahal price de...serius,aku xkan beli..tunggu aku saving dulu..bru angkat megatron besar sikit..aku borak ngan masuri psal transfomer ckp..Faizal Tahir pn same..suke collect bende2 camni..byk gile..sumpah aku jeles giler,sbb de ade light saber.

10-12 july aku nk g Pangkor..lawak aku bace msg Pidot send kat POwer Rangers..g 9 org..Kecik+Tasnim(ade plak name aku Kecik),Dira+Pidot,Tepet+Ros,Epit+Epel+Baby+Matnor...Matnor pn masuk dlm pekej Epit+Epel..mmg xleh dipisahkan epit ngan matnor..bak kater epel..aku kawen ngan epit..dpt matnor sekali..pekej 2 in 1..xper,baby Harraz ade org jage la nnt..

Alamak..aku salah send tu aku patut send kat director aku mintak approved invoice..aku g hntr kat org lain..mampos aku.ahh,lantakla..aku clic RECALL EMAIL..aku nk sambung keje aku..nk cari citer2 ape lagi yg boleh aku tgk.hri ni,aku balik pukul 6pm..nk ot sejam..

Ni Wallpaper pc aku kat ofis..shantek kan??haha....

Jun 16, 2009


Hari ni..bersamaan 16 June 2009.

Pada pukul dlm sekitar 10 a.m,lps aku kenyang makan roti canai 2 keping..kawan ofis aku dtg kat aku...

RG : "Sai,u nk x patung?"
Me : "Patung?ape tuh?Transformer ker?"(muke xcited)
RG : "Mana aderlaa...kawan aku jual Barbie Doll..mana ada Transformer..aku bg hang tgk
Me : "Ooo..ok2.mana2?I nk tgk.."
RG : "Kjap..i pegi amek kat kereta "
Me : "Oraittt.."
*Aku terus buat kerja.. dlm hati,perhal lak de ni nk jual Barbie Doll kat aku?layan jela..*

Then,bile de balik cube ajak aku g tmpt de.aku ajak Racheal..n kitrg pn follow g tmpt de..De pn bukak plastic..mak aih,banyak sial Barbie Doll...serius,aku x minat patung2 ala2,1st time neh..aku rase nk beli..murah doh..rugi x beli..ade yg leh joget2 tu..even gaji masuk minggu depan,tp...hati aku pn turut berjoget2 nk beli satu or dua.Paling mahal RM40.00.murah ak??mmg mcm ori..yg ni,ori ke x..aku xtau..aku tanye Rathi (si Penjual),de ckp..ori punya..

Me : "Mana u dpt ni?"
RG : "Husb i punya kawan kerja kat kilang buat cacat"
Me : "Oo..ok2..i nk yg ni satu.Kejap i call adik i..dia mau x..dia suke Barbie.."
Beli jerlaa...lagipun tolong org cacat..bagus gak kan

Aku call Kak pn blur2 nk ker xnak..tetibe je aku nk beli Barbie..cmfrm de,aku xleh tahan..aku dh angkat 2 dh..satu key chain..satu patung Barbie..lawa,cute sgt2.baju pn lawa..seronok mata memandang.Kalau ade lagi,aku cmfrm beli lagi..nk buat aper?sajer....tuh je jawapan aku.

*Quality gambar kurang menarik..dem,aku regret jual nokia,aku nk wifi n gps..seme tu ade kat N78..:( *


You have to list 7 weird things about yourself, post it in your blog, tag at least 7 people (list their names), and comment on their blog to let them know that you just tagged them.

Aper2 je la..aku layan jer..

1. fizikal:
Fizikal aku...aku rase aku normal.xde mane2,dr segi ketinggian,aku xdela pendek mane..154cm..kire pendek ke?aku rase normal..berat aku 44kg.BMI aku menunjukkan aku normal.aku berkaca mata..ade scar kat tangan..sbb pernh excident naik skuter 25/Dec/2002..aku 1st time bawak scoot..bawak mmber (Aty)..otw g rumah mmber open house.Tp,dlm perjalanan aku xcident plak..Ni gambar aku lepas xcident..terasa aku agak kecik berbanding yg,aku tetap normal dr segi fizikal..

2. makanan & minuman:
Makanan aku xde yg aku x suke..kalau ade pun,aku dh luper..dlm otak aku xde plak ape2 menu yg aku x suke..kalau yg aku suke berlambak.minuman,byk aku x suker..aku pernh buat kuiz untuk kawan2 aku..'air ape kalau even dh xde air ape dlm dunia ni..aku xkan minum?'..jawapannyer,cincau,barli & biji2 yg cam telur katak tuh...sumpah aku xkan minum.feveret makanan aku double cheese burger..air plak vanila,skrg aku dh kurang minum air coke..since aku ade probs sikit ngan urine..xde hal pn,aku cuak2 gak..kalau x,mase study dulu..hari2 aku teguk air coke..ketagih dh dulu.

3. cita-cita:
masa kecil aku selalu berangan.berangan yg poyo.form 1-2 aku sekolah petang..pagi2 aku duk sorg2 kat umah.(adik aku asrama,mak bapak keje)..aku pakai baju bapak aku,siap pakai tie..n then,berangan jadi photographer.kt umah aku dulu ade satu camera lame rosak.mak aku x gune..aku gune sebab aku konon2 nk jadi photographer.pas2,lepak kat balcony depan bilik mak aku tingkat ats...amek gambr umah2,kalau cikgu2 tanye aku nk jadi ape...aku jawab ahli kaji purba.

4. kegilaan:
Ada satu benda yg menjadi kegilaan aku..terkini la ni.TRANSFOMER.segala barang kat umah aku..kalau boleh aku nk beli yg ade transformer..lebih2 lagi 24hb ni..Revenge Of The Fallen dh kluar.lagi la fanatic aku.Aku selalu pegi Toy'S R Us nk cari robot2,selalu harga die mahal2..serius,mampos aku bleh bankrupt kalau beli,aku beli yg kecik2 je..yg harga x lebih RM39.90..Kalau aku majuk,Power Rangers selalu belanjer aku beli robot2 tu..nk pujuk aku.Aku minat Megatron..aku x minat Optimus Prime..senang citer aku x suke Autobots..aku prefer Decepticons..

5. kebolehan:
Aku xtau ape plak kelebihan aku.Aku makhluk biase je..Tapi,aku ni kdg2 over confident..x bagus,aku rase tula kebolehan aku.Aku rase jela.

6 cinta:
Aku cinta Power Rangers aku & fammily2 aku..Byk lagi bende yg aku cinta.Contohnya..aku cinta Avril Lavigne..sumpah aku nk jadi macam de..dr dulu sampai skrg.cinta aku x pernh berubah..boleh?

7. peminat:
Ade ke peminat aku?soklan agak,aku rase ade..walaupun dh kawen,tp masih lagi ade org yg nk berkenalan ngan aku..sumpah,aku x tipu..ade yg,aku masih waras..aku dh berkahwin..n tgh berharap x lama lagi tuhan bg la aku rezeki nk jadi mummy pulak..*sigh*

*dengan ini aku mahu tag:
saper2 je yg rase nk buat benda ni.

Keyla..roger.tuh jer.