Feb 18, 2013


My current obsession:

All about VSFS...

Who is my favourite angels?


Who is the sweet cotton candy angel that i prefer


For me,it's not just a fashion show..i want to be like them.wtfish??:p...i admire their body..and how they maintain it. Hey, Allesandra is a mom with 2 kids, but wat d hell....she gt like one of the superb body. Pheww....And also their personal life i like the most. I got excited when Miranda Kerr was with Orlando Bloom, Adam Levine with my fav angel,Behati..At least,my hot Adam was with someone hot too...

Jan 17, 2013


I never liked her..i will never like her (guess so). 
But, i like her song..esp this song...:) 

*ya, it's because of "Setia Hujung Nyawa*


Adam hawa dah abes..happy ending of cos la kan.even agak kecewa sbb x sama cm dalam buku,tp ok2 la tu..leh gak tgk adam mukhriz yg sgt comel kan.

Demam AH dah abes,skrg ni musim SHN..dr aku x pandang amar asyraf terus aku cm leh tersuke kat de.suke banyak gakla..sweet kot citer ni.tp,skrg ni tgh part2 bitter..how i miss el ngan zain time sweet2 derang.

I read somewhere,citer ni chosen by anak Rosyam Nor.lucky..very lucky.even the actor/tress were chosen by her. If laa..the dad himself make the choice,x pasal2 citer syok2 jadi bahan lahar cacian umum.lps tu,x pasal2 plak amek rita rudiani jadi pelakon belasan tahun lps spm..dan lagi teruk diri sndri dilantik jadi hero merangkap zain.oh my gosh..nasib baik rosyam nor sgt bijak...

Citer ni 28/26 episode jer.okla kan utk tahap akasia ni.lagipun,xderla ramai meroyan sbb nk tnggu citer abes sampai nk dekat beratus episode,padahal makin lama makin bosan..*oopps,sory abang tapa*

By the way,i wasnt into this series from the beginning.it just started yesterday-16/1/2013..n i spent whole my day in office + sambung kat umah merempit tgk epsde 1-14..within 1 day,i just hope zain can appear in my dream last nite...;)

Jan 14, 2013

The swift

It's Taylor Swift's day..

Quite amazed with her talents on how creative she wrote lyrics about her ex-s.
Esp on Back on December..because it was about my 'bf'- taylor lautner..:p

But,i guess she has the same taste with me..sbb kan,all her exs seme yang aku taste gak..joe jonas,taylor lautner,jake gyllenhaal,harry styles..seme ni aku suke.

But,the best breakup song she ever wrote was 'never getting back together'..bukan best sbb aper,sbb that song hit the chart..n sure gyllenhaal tension gile dengar.at 1st thought the r'ship will last longer sbb cam ok jer..last2 broke up gak.

By the way,13 guys within 3 yrs. she is the real love hunter..u will find ur soulmate without you knowing..:)

Jan 6, 2013



Yuna menang!

I was not a fan of AJL since a lot of songs been performed tonite i duno or haven't heard. But i still watched because of 'terukir di bintang'. A bit dissapointed at first when Yuna said she can't perform and been replaced with Aizat.

Edisi khas lps AJL ni best plak.lawak giler kot.

Sudah 2013..

Esok dh 7/1/2013

Oh,dah 2013 ek.maksudnye,21.12.2012 tu bkan end of world la?hahahahaha..*budus*.read somewhre,somebdy mentioned it postponed to 2015...pulakkkk

Meaning,tomm will be the 1st day of working on 2013 after 2 weeks long free leave..*heaven nak mampos*

Cuti g vacation,makan tdo,tgk movie..
Memang rase cm enaknye idup.

Qarliff dah g tadika..hope he can mix well with the others..

Jul 10, 2012


"No One Else Comes Close"

Jun 5, 2012


Somehow, this song make me smile this morning. Remind me on someone i guess...memories,they will never fade.=)